Dual Fuzz Release Debut Album ‘Rockage’

Dual Fuzz is a Swedish hard rock band, which was formed by Dennis Kohlén (Guitar, Bass & Drums) and Janne Lundmark (Vocals) in December 2016 in Vasteras, Sweden.

In February 2018 Dual fuzz released their debut album “Rockage” and got a lot of plays in radio, mostly in UK and USA

The music is made with the love for Rock and with influences of bands like Ac/Dc, Mötley Crue, Airbourne, Motörhead & Danko Jones.

Dual Fuzz has only two permanent members but some of the songs on the debut album (Rockage) includes special invited guest musicians.


1. Drink & Play
2. Blackout
3. Five Star Hotel
4. Nothin’ In Common
5. Sun
6. Little Devil
7. Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roller
8. Knockout (Feat. Tony Freed)
9. Kings & Queens
10. Ain’t Nothing For Me
11. I’m Free




Band Line-Up:
Dennis Kohlén – guitar/bass and drums
Janne Lundmark – vocals