Eclipse ‘Monumentum’ Review

Artist -Eclipse
Genre-Rock/Hard Rock
Release Date-24th March

Its been two whole years since we have had a full Eclipse studio release and on the 24th of march the waiting is over, as ‘Monumentum will be unleashed to the masses and with the addition of a new stick man in ‘Philip Crusner’ will things be the same or are we in for a whole new Eclipse.

If you don’t suffer with ‘Vertigo’ you may well do after this blistering assault of your senses which kicks ‘Monumentum’ off in fine style with Erik’s screeching vocals and Magnus in fine form with the six string as we blaze through a perfect opener.

Things do not change for ‘Never Look Back’ its more melodic madness and heavy thunder combined to set your heads a banging as you raise your horns to the king of the Eclipse ‘Erik MÃ¥rtensson’.

The production is top notch as you would expect from any release that involves the majestic Mr Martensson he really has the knack when it comes to delivering fine kick ass melodic mayhem, The addition of new drummer Philip Crusner is a fine one indeed as he brings the thunder with just as much vigour and rythm as his predecessor.

There is the obligatory power ballad in ‘Hurt’ which features some fine soulful vocals from Erik, and a fine solo midway through which will have you reaching for that air guitar.

‘Born To Lead’ soon has you foot stomping and head banging to the growling riffs and blistering chops, as you set off to rock up your neighbours as you crank up the volume and scream ‘You Better Run, You Better Run, We Are Born To Lead’

Although its been said before, there really is no fillers on ‘Monumentum’ each track is a killer piece in its own right fans of ‘Eclipse’ are in for a real treat with this latest release and what can be arguably their best release to date. If you are new to Eclipse this is what rock sounds like welcome aboard put your feet up grab a beer and raise your horns to the ‘Eclipse’.

Rating 10