Edens Curse/ Cop Uk /Evolve/ Corporation Sheffield 23 Nov

Tonight’s venue the great Corporation in Sheffield, and for tonight’s entertainment it is no other than those cursed ones Edens Curse, with support coming by the way of C.O.P Uk, and Evolve.

A pretty early start for newcomers Swiss rockers ‘Evolve’ now while maybe not too well known on our shores they reached a pinnacle so far in their career when they won ‘Dennis Wards’ Rock & Metal song writing competition. and if they continue in this vein it will not be long before everyone is singing their praises as ‘Evolve’ rocked through their Ep’ Somewhere In Mind’ with thunderous drums and pounding bass, with licks and chops a plenty, the crowd were soon warming to ‘Evolve’, although a short set it was enough to see what ‘Evolve’ had to offer and hope it will not be to long before we see them back again.


Cop Uk are up next and with the growing crowd already warmend up thanks to ‘Evolves’ set it was straight into ballsy flat out rockin as they kick off with ‘The Core’ ‘Body and Soul’ and ‘My Blood’ which featured some great vocals from keyboardist ‘Henning Wanner’, as ‘Cop Uk’ made their way through their set with a passion and flair that would make any eighties act quiver, the delivery from vocalist ‘Dale Radcliffe’ is straight out of the eighties handbook of front-men, with the added power and growl of guitarist ‘Charles Staton’ and rumbling and thunder from Bassist ‘Scott Joradan’ and drummer ‘Kevin Tonge’ respectively. There was only minor pauses between songs one to say how proud they were to be in their hometown well singer ‘Radcliffe’s’ hometown at least, ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ was introduced and as ‘Radcliffe’ announces this is a very special song for the band there is an almighty cheer. ‘Cop Uk’ came and kicked ass which left everyone in attendance with a huge satisfactory grin as ‘Radcliffe’ introduces their final track of the night which was an awesome cover of Journeys’ ‘Separate Ways’

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‘Edens Curse’ take to the stage and in support of their latest album release ‘Cardinal’ immediately its level 10 as ‘Prophets Of Doom’ ‘Masquerade Ball’ ‘Black Widow’ are belted out in pure ‘Cursed’ fashion with the band sounding tight and relatively new boy ‘Christian’ not only killing it on the keys but also smashing the backing vocals too ‘The Great Pretender’ and ‘Fly Away’ were next up as the songs came thick and fast with little or no fuss and their was a great mixture of old and new tracks, as the ‘Cursed’ ones played their way through an impressive back catalogue mixed with their outstanding release ‘Cardinal’ ‘Unconditional’ saw the Curse joined onstage by Winter In Eden vocalist ‘Vicky Johnston’ who added an angelic tone to caress ‘Nikola’s’ already superb vocals. The guitar mastery and technical ability of ‘Thorsten Koehne’ never ceases to amaze, added to ‘Paul Logues’ deep rumbles and powershots of bass all kept in perfect time by the almighty thunders of ‘John Clelland’s drums’, ‘Unbreakable’ which was the first song written with ‘Nikola’ brings an almighty cheer as the crowd chant and singalong, the encore featured ‘Symphony Of Sin before being joined on stage once again by Vicky Johnston for ‘Angels +Demons’.
Once more the show is over but that does not stop the cursed ones mixing and mingling with the fans for autographs and pictures as we wait for the almighty ‘Edens Curse’ to return once more, ‘Edens Curse’ are a band that should definitely be on your have to see list if you have never seen them for next year

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