Efreeti reveal their music video for single “Its Inner Pain”!

Norway metallers EFREETIhave unveiled, on February 15th, a music videofor their single “Its Inner Pain”. This song is taken from the bands’upcoming record, “Man of Sand”, set to be officially releasedon March 8th!

While talking about “Its Inner Pain”, Kristian Wangberg comments:

“I don’t make my lyrics with a 100% set story in mind and this is no exception. The way we chose to interpret it for our video: We made a character from our last album walk in the woods and meet a demon. After releasing the demon out of sympathy, she is tricked, and quickly dies from its tricks. This is mostly based on the Efreeti/Ifrit lore.”

Focusing on the video itself, Kristian continues:

“I struggled to find a fitting actor for a long while, so that actually took a lot of time for me. I planned to film it mid-fall, because I like how the forest and ocean look around that time, but when we finally got our actors, the weather had gotten pretty cold, so the main actor was freezing for hours. I felt pretty bad for her! Other than that, it was pretty straight forward! We didn’t have a Hollywood budget, but I think the video turned out pretty cool!”

The bands upcoming release, “Man of Sand”, definitely looks very promising. It will be officially out on major streaming platforms on March 8th… Save the date!