EGONAUT Reveals Artwork and Track List for Forthcoming Album!

Formed in 2006 and reformed again with new vocalist Emil Kyrk in 2016 Egonaut return with their fourth full-length album “The Omega”, out on Mighty Music in November 2017.

The band was formed by Fredrik and Markus in 2006 and have over the years developed from being a straight to the point bastard between punk, stoner and hard rock into a supersonic Doom N Roll institution. Through the ages Egonaut has time and time again proven themselves a worthy live band during countless club-gigs in Sweden, several European runs and in performances on most of the major Swedish festivals such as Sweden Rock, Peace and Love, Putte i Parken, Metallsvenskan among many others.

After finishing off the touring cycle for the album “Deluminati” Egonaut realized that they had pushed themselves as far as the current line-up could take it and that some change needed to be done; enter new vocalist Emil Kyrk. With Fredrik liberated from vocal-duties he could now fully concentrate on the song writing and production side for a new album and in November 2016 the band entered Nordic Sound Lab to begin the creation of the new album, “The Omega”. Picking up where Egonaut left off “The Omega” takes the same doomy sound that the band utilized on their sophomore album “Deluminati” incorporating heavy doom elements, hard rock influences, ethereal synthesizers and catchy hooks to form a heavy ground for Emil to sing over.

“The Omega” is the first concept album from Egonaut and it tells the story of a seeker, trying to find his place in the modern world and what transpires when he finally finds it.

The recordings of “The Omega” took place in several different studios, all to achieve the best possible sonic image to match the songs and the lyrics and the album was once again mixed and co-produced by MRG Produktion. The artwork was provided by Adrian Baxter and the new logo by Costin Chioreanu, perfectly framing the release.

“The Omega” is out on November 3rd 2017 on Mighty Music.

Track by track breakdown by Fredrik Jordanius
1.       Initium
Initium was the first song that I wrote for this album and the riffs came about when I was trying out Drop-G tuning, having experienced how heavy it could be on our tour with Bigelf.
I had also started harbouring the idea of doing a thematic album where the first riff on the album should be reprised as the last riff on the album so I quickly realized that this song would be the first song and single for the new album. Lyrically it sets the scene for the storyline very well and I think that Dennis knocked it out of the park with the solo for this track.

2.       Alienati
Alienati started off with me coming up with an alternative to the riff in the chorus but when we started building the song around the chorus we quickly realized the chorus to be the weak spot.
We struggled with finding a better alternative all the way up to the week before entering the studio to record the album.
Production-wise I think that the bridge before the solo Is really cool, that part might also have the highest simultaneous channel count on any Egonaut song.
3.       Offerings
Originally I wrote the intro riff on a nylon string acoustic but since it wasn´t equipped with a cutaway for the high frets it became unplayable when we decided to do it in Drop G tuning, leading to us doing it with a mellotron harp instead. I´m very pleased with this song both lyrically and musically and it is by far one of my favourite Egonaut songs ever written. Simple, to the point, atmospheric and heavy as hell.
4.       The Abdication
This song wrote itself as soon as I had the main riff ringing in my ears. A classic Egonaut groove track with a big chorus and a nice heavy instrumental part in the middle. Somewhere along the line I came up with the idea of going totally into new territory with the keyboard/guitar solo and although it sounds eighties as hell I think it´s awesome!
Emil does a great job capturing the feel of the lyrics on this one.
5.       The Pledge
I wanted to make a “simple” rock song for this album and this is what came out of it. Lyrically it depicts turning yourself over to a greater power, unknowing of its motives and what the cost would turn out to be. As with most of the songs I wrote the majority of the riffs and then we put it together down in our studio. The guitar solo on this track is probably the highlight of the album guitar-wise.
6.       Through the Eye
Early in the creative process we had an idea of having a short instrumental part on the album as the first half of the album is kind of intense. We gave Dennis lose reigns with this one and this is what he came up with. We rigged 3 bass drums and 3 snares that we dubbed a million times to create the percussion track.
7.       Awakenings
The first song of the second half, our protagonist is no longer in charge of his own actions and has started the journey towards the big reveal. This song was initially crafted by Mikael with some alterations from me. A very “to the point” song with a killer chorus and a cool atmospheric synth solo.
8.       Totentanz
Totentanz was initially written for the “Deluminati” sessions but we felt that we really didn´t do the song justice when we recorded it back then. When working on the pre-production for this album we threw the original project up started refining it and managed to tweak the song into greatness! It is very different to what we have done in the past as far as being a bit theatrical and dramatic but I think that it works!
9.       Death Sworn
An Egonaut album wouldn’t be complete without a classic Egonaut-type classic stoner track. Again, a cool instrumental breakdown in the middle and this is also the first time we do actual proper double bass drums on an Egonaut album. The rule-book is out the window!
10.   Revelations
This track was written in parallel with “Initium” and stays true to the form of finishing every album with something heavy, long and repetitive. Concluding the album and the story in a heavy and sludgy way, finishing our first record with Emil behind the mic and forging a new path in the Egonaut timeline.

Line Up 
Emil Kyrk – Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius – Guitars
Dennis Zielinski – Organs, mellotrons, synthesizers
Mikael Bielinski – Bass
Markus Johansson – Drums