Emperors of the Wasteland Release ‘Begin’

Begin is the debut album from Derby hard rock band, Emperors of the Wasteland. Begin was created from a starting point of wanting to hear a style of music that no-one else was creating. They created a few songs as demos in the early days and realised they were onto something. It’s lyrically dark, brooding almost, with catchy songs behind it. Begin has been an experience in experimental art, a culmination and cultivation of their individuality and artistry. A mixing pot of ideas and music to generate a sound distinctive to Emperors of the Wasteland.



1. Faire Le Mort
2. Under The Skin
3. Zodiac
4. See You Again
5. Begin
6. Mickey Finn
7. Hand On Heart
8. Burn
9. Whiskey and Pills



Emperors of the Wasteland are a groove-oriented, blues-based hard rock band with a stoner edge and an image styled around a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque theme. Formed in 2016 by Al Rhodes, Frazer M. Knight and Sid Thindal, they bring a unique Stoner Rock sound, based around big riffs, catchy melodies and soul-crushing lyrics. In their relatively brief career, they have chalked up some impressive support slots. Twice, they have played support to LA legend and Love/Hate frontman, Jizzy Pearl as part of his UK tour schedule and have also shared a stage with Faster Pussycat, Knock out Kaine, Doomsday Outlaw and The Bad Flowers.

Their most recent highlights were playing The Rock and Blues Festival, headlined by The Dan Reed Network and The Wildhearts, and independently releasing their debut album, Begin, on September 21st, 2018.

Sonically, Emperors of the Wasteland occupy that space where Hard Rock meets Grunge. Anyone with a liking for heavy guitar music is likely to be reminded of a golden age where the sound of a Gibson guitar cranked through a Marshall amp dominated the UK Rock scene. Their music has a thick guitar tone and solid, hard-hitting drums that underpin Al Rhodes’ melodic vocals. His voice has been compared to a mix of Ian Astbury and Biff Byford, both formidable frontmen in classic bands, which is a credit to Emperors Of The Wasteland, who strive to capture their arena-sized aspirations in their music, which also has an undercurrent of depth and meaning; you’re not only listening to it, you’re feeling the pulse and the vibe, going further into your mind and soul, rather than just hearing it, capturing the essence of the music’s personality. Emperors of the Wasteland are certainly a band going places.

Band Line-up:
Al Rhodes – vocals
Sid Thindal – guitar
Frazer M. Knight – drums