Expulser ‘Fornications’ Out Today

Expulser’s Fornications is the first progeny of this cult Brazilian band. Originally released in 1990 as a split EP with the band Brutal Distortion on France’s Maggot Records, Fornications is now brought back by Florida’s Greyhaze Records. This time around, the release comes with a powerful remastering and stand-alone 180-gram vinyl packaging. he album will be available on both black and translucent red vinyl.

Expulser was born in the small city of Lavras in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. With the help of Wagner Antichrist (Sarcófago) and Oswaldo Pussy Ripper (Sextrash) Expulser made its way to be signed by the legendary Cogumelo Records label.

Fornications is pure debauchery and necrotic lust. It is an essential part of the history of Brazilian Heavy Metal. It is pure and unrelenting Bestial Metal for those into the early stages of the Brazilian Black and Death Metal scene.



A1 – Vomiting in Paradise
B1 – The Offensor
B2 – No Ressurrection


Purchase: https://goo.gl/xGZWdX