FIZZY BLOOD Release New Single C.F.O. | UK Headline Tour In Late February

Fizzy Blood kickstart a new chapter today, releasing new single C.F.O.. Brash, fuzzy, and oscillating, the track reinforces the Leeds quintet’s signature sound whilst scaling new heights with contagious, pop hooks. The track is supported by the PRSF Momentum Fund, and premiered on last night’s BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.

“We worked and lived with producer Alex Newport in Brighton for a bit while making C.F.O. and it was an incredible experience. He helped us experiment with the sounds and textures and then glue it all together without us even realising he was doing it at the time. We’ve recorded a few songs that we feel are the best things we’ve ever created, and we’re very proud to present them.

Broadly speaking, C.F.O. is a warning about pushing people away who only had your best interests at heart. It’s easy to lose sight of things when you’re mired down in a single minded pursuit. So what I’m trying to say is, stop and smell the roses every once in a while, you’ll thank yourself later.

This is one of those things that is better left up to your imagination. Whatever you think C.F.O. stands for, that’s what it is”
– Paul Howells, guitars



Fresh from touring with Spring King, Fizzy Blood are now gearing up for their first UK headline run. Support comes from fellow Leeds residents Forever Cult, and tickets are available at



22nd Feb – Manchester, Soup Kitchen
23rd Feb – Glasgow, Old Hairdressers
24th Feb – Leeds, Headrow House
27th Feb – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
28th Feb – London, Camden Assembly



September 2017 saw the release of Fizzy Blood’s Summer Of Luv EP (KKKK – Kerrang!) on Killing Moon. Singles Pawn, Summer Of Luv and ADHD perked up the ears of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Phil Taggart, Huw Stephens and Daniel P. Carter, alongside 6Music, Radio X, Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock Radio and VEVO DSCVR.

Live is home for Fizzy Blood. Drummer Jake Greenway and bassist Ciaran Scanlon are a powerhouse, even down to their facial expressions, effortlessly switching from a full throttled, ear shattering sonic backbone to an infectious, groove-ridden pulse. Vocalist Benji Inkley oozes charm with his Josh Homme-inspired croons, and his counterparts Tim Malkin (keys & guitars) and Paul Howells (guitars) showcase incredible attention to detail in their blistering musicianship. This is just a glimpse into the many reasons why Fizzy Blood have catapulted to the forefront of British DIY rock. Recent live highlights include tours alongside While She Sleeps, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Arcane Roots, Spring King, alongside last year’s The Great Escape, Download, 2000 Trees and Reading & Leeds festivals.

There’s method behind Fizzy Blood’s madness. Guitarist and songwriter Paul Howells’s ability to capture a relatable and erratic inner monologue, and then presenting it in a polished song package is astonishing. For example, Animals was written from his experiences of verbal abuse whilst working as a street fundraiser, with the track reinforcing the notion that everyone is equal through the lyric “we’re all just animals”. ADHD was written about his experiences of being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at the age of 21. Summer Of Luv was written in a Super 8 Motel when the band were in Texas for SXSW, capturing hot, desert landscapes in sonic form. Pawn is an anthem of frustration towards the cut-throat music industry. These aren’t songs for the sake of writing songs, this is honesty.

“I think I was about 9 when I first decided to write a song, and if I remember correctly I basically just nicked the chords from Green Day’s ‘Hitchin a Ride’. No idea what it was about but I remember thinking ‘this isn’t very good, hopefully one day I’ll make something good enough to be on the radio. That’d be nice’

I wouldn’t say it’s important for our songs to tell a story, but it’s a byproduct of how I write. It’s all gotta come from within maaaaaan. I don’t really control it, it controls me. So if I’m not feeling it, I’m not feeling it and it’s best if I don’t write in that case because it will always turn out shit.

Normally, I’ll either create a full demo and then show it to the guys when I’m happy with it. We’ll start dismantling it and adding a bit of everyone else’s charm in there. Or sometimes I’ll come to them with something ridiculously unfinished and embryonic because I know there’s something in it but I can’t work out where to go with it. Either way it’s always good to have other people to bounce off of. A dish ain’t a dish if it’s just one ingredient”
– Paul Howells, guitars

C.F.O. is the start of something beautiful. Watch this space for further news on Fizzy Blood.