FLAT EARTH release second single’CYANIDE’ taken from debut album ‘NONE FOR ONE’

‘CYANIDE’ is the second single taken from FLAT EARTH’s debut album ‘NONE FOR ONE’ (out on November 9th).

Check out the lyric video and find out, how a hauntingly beautiful hook and subtle riffs make CYANIDE such an intoxicating song:



Vocalist Anthony explains what the song is about: “I have a strong tendency of creating a picture of a person with a lot of issues in my head who I then try to encourage to change in my lyrics. I’m very likely just processing my own shortcomings in this manner, and I really don’t like telling anyone what to do, but this is what I’ve noticed about my writings. So in this song I intentionally placed myself out there as well. I tried to be very honest about the way I see the world, to take off some of the weight of doing so much preaching. I thought cyanide is a bit too much for a song title, but it does sum up my ideas quite perfectly.”


CYANIDE is available as download and stream + you can preorder the album: https://lnk.to/NoneForOne


01. Subhuman
02. Blame
03. Given Time
04. Cyanide
05. None For One
06. The Glow
07. Noble Swine
08. Limelight
09. Freedoom
10. Blunt
11. Kill My God



You can watch the official video for first single ‘Blame’ here:



FLAT EARTH unites Mikko “Linde” Lindström and Mika “Gas Lipstick” Karppinen (both ex-HIM), Niclas Etelävuori (ex-Amorphis) and Anttoni “Anthony” Pikkarainen (Polanski) to bring a creative vision to life that points to the heyday of alternative rock, but also draws from a variety of other genres without losing the thread in-between.

Although some of the musicians can look back on impressive careers, Flat Earth can be seen as a new beginning and isn’t intended to be carried by just the previous achievements of single members. Flat Earth do not want to be another self-titled “supergroup”, let alone sail in the slipstream of the past – instead they want to step into the light.

Already the first single ‘Blame’ showed what people can expect music-wise and is a first taste for the debut album of the Finns, which will be released later in 2018, Europe-wide (excluding Finland) via Drakkar Entertainment.

Flat Earth are:
Anthony – Vocals
Linde – Guitar
Niclas – Bass
Gas – Drums