Forbidden Seasons Release ‘Keys and Locks’ Single

Italian Metalcore crew Forbidden Seasons have unlocked their second single ‘Keys and Locks’ here. Vocalist Mark Seasons says of the ferocious new tune:

“Keys and Locks is dedicated to myself, as a reminder to keep believing, not counting on others, especially in recent times, deception reigning supreme over everything! I wrote this song thinking about people living their lives constantly looking for answers. I don’t believe in fate, but I think it’s the willpower in all of us to define the path we want to take. The answer to all our existential questions is within us, this song is an incentive to stay strong and keep going on with the head held high in this drifting world.”



The release of ‘Keys and Locks’ follows the recent unveiling of the incendiary video for ‘Thank You For The Venom’, featuring Suicide Girl Riae.



Hailing from Turin, Italy, the band is completed by Symon Ray on Lead Guitar, Danny Ghale on Rhythm Guitar, Paul J. Price on Bass and Federico Spagnoli handling both Drums and Keys. Founded in 2015, they simply came together as five individuals intent on realising their dreams to play music. Mark explains the moniker: “It’s about discrimination and lack of half measures in society. Everything is completely bad or good, black or white. There’s no space for gray anymore. Forbidden Seasons, it’s like forbidden feelings, forbidden thoughts, forbidden actions, forbidden goals… So we thought that name fit great with this idea.”

The writing of forthcoming LP ‘Promise’ began after their Russian tour in February 2017, with Mark revealing “it’s been both amusing and hard at the same time to create it. The lyrics address topics such as loneliness, anger, apathy and misplaced trust, and all of those are reflected on the listener.” Taking their time, recording took place over 7 months at HTR Studios in Turin and was wrapped up with mixing and mastering by Studio Fredman. The outcome is self-described as “really reflecting who we are and the direction we want to take. The sound of this album is heavier than our last work; we wanted to create a deeper sound according to our emotional state. On the other hand, it features a lot of melodic verses and choruses, so both sides bind together exactly the way we wanted.” Melodically charged, beauty meeting darkness, their sound evokes Saosin and Underoath, Forbidden Seasons certainly are a promising prospect.