Former Europe Guitarist And Solo Legend Kee Marcello Talks Tour, Influences, And a Surprise For the uk Fans Next Year


WeRock Welcomes Kee Marcello

K: Thank you!

1.What was the first tune(s) you learned?

K: I grew up in the 70’s, so Deep Purple’s ”Smoke On The Water” and ”Rat Bat Blue”.

2.Which instruments do you play?

K: Besides obviously the guitar I’ve played the bass on a number of records. I’ve played the keyboards on a whole bunch of records, but I’m not a very technical keyboardist. I programmed a lot of it.

3.Your main influences?

K: Ollie Halsall, the guitar player from the 70’s UK group Patto. Then the usual suspects: Clapton, Hendrix, Beck. And of course John McLaughlin, and Alan Holdsworth. If we’re talking non guitarist influences, John Coltrane, Michael and Randy Brecker.

4.If you could play with anyone alive/dead who would it be?

K: Would love to jam with/pick Coltrane’s brain!

5.Highpoint in your career so far?

K: The obvious answer is the height of Europe’s career in the late 80’s/early 90’s when we sold in excess of 30 million albums and toured all the biggest arenas in the World. 

But other, more personal high points was f.i. receiving my first Platinum award (for my project Swedish Metal Aid in 1985), having soul legend Percy Sledge recording my song ”Shining Through The Rain” (making it the title song on his 2005 album), and being elected into the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame earlier this year.

6.Any tour stories to tell?

K: OMG, are you kidding? 🙂 Far too many, wouldn’t even know where to start? Being in this business you experience stuff that makes Spinal Tap look like a serious documentary. (To know more read the English version of my book that’s released next year).

7.Any news on the live album release?

K: Not at present, more news shortly.

8.Could you explain your music making process?

K: It typically starts with me sitting down in the studio, getting to work. I don’t believe in inspiration, I just get it on. I start by listening to ”humming demos” from my iPhone. I get these ideas and immediately record them whenever: during sound check, driving my son to school, grocery shopping … You get the picture. So when at the studio I pick out the useful pieces and start puzzling them together.

9.Midway through your current tour How is it going so far?

K: It’s going great. We played in Kosovo this Saturday in front of 25.000 people. Kosovo rocks!

10.And how has the fans reaction been to the tracks that you hav’nt played since 1988?

K: It’s been like they’ve been reunited with good old friends they haven’t seen for ages! It’s actually very emotional to experience.

11.What’s an average day like for you?

K: I suppose when I’m not on the road? We’ll, I get up around 6-7am, get a cup of coffee and make smoothies for me and the wifey, then I walk upstairs to my office/studio. I also have a bigger studio about a 10 minute car ride from home, but I only use it for big productions.

12.How do you balance your music with other obligations children, shopping :-), hobbies, 

K: I try to get up early. The hours in the morning are important to be able to get some free time in the evening. Me and the family mostly eat dinner together, and I enjoy cooking for them. I also plan my vacations in my calendar before anything else, so I’m sure we’ll get that quality time together.

I like going harness race driving (UI’m a licensed harness race driver), but when I have a very tight schedule, my family comes before the horses.

13.Your AutoBiography ‘The Rock Star God Forgot’ what brought that about?

K: I felt all the stories I had inside me would make a good book. And it did – a best seller here in Sweden. In 2019 it’ll be released in English.

14.You Had a lead role in the Swedish version of Broadway musical Rock of Ages, How did that experience feel?

K: It was an amazing experience. I liked the fact that I was acting – as myself! My role character was actually ”Kee Marcello”(!) Now, that might sound easy, but it’s not! You don’t have the privilege to hide behind a fictive character, but you still has to perform as it were one!

15.Any Regrets?

K: One of the ”sliding door” experiences that I’ve had is what would have happened if we went on with the release of ”That Makes One” by Easy Action? But then I would have missed Europe, so I guess you can’t have everything.

16.Have your achievements surpassed your expectations when you were starting out?

K: Oh god, yes! I started playing the guitar in 1973, 10 years later in 1983, I signed the first US Major label deal by any Swedish act (Easy Action) with SIRE (Warner Bros). 4 years after that I was playing in one of the biggest bands in the World. 

In 14 years I went from playing around with a used Hagström guitar worth $20 in my boys room, to touring the biggest arenas of the World as a celebrated rock star!

Thank You Kee Marcello

Thank you! 🙂


A Great Musician and Human Being It Was an Absolute Pleasure Thank You For Your Time


If You Get The Opportunity Please Check Out Kee And His Band On Tour Across The Uk A Fabulous Show From A Legend Dates Below: