FUZZ FORWARD, second song off “Out Of Nowhere”

Fuzz Forward was born as a trio in Barcelona in mid 2016. Formed by Jordi (Boveda del Sol, Mindust) on bass and the Edko brothers (The Yeti, Rags To Riches) on guitar and Marc (The Yeti, Valiumbitch) on drums. After a few months of tests at the beginning of 2017, they find a stable formation with Juan’s voice and begin to compose. Throughout the year the quartet is shaping the 8 songs that will make up their debut “Out Of Nowhere”, scheduled for March, and also act with bands like Sasquatch, Mammoth Mammoth or Electric Monolith.

Now they release their second song off of ‘Out Of Nowhere’.

Check it out below:: 



“With this second track we want to show another of the many sides that the sound in “Out Of Nowhere”, to be released next March, will feature. “Summertime Somersaults” is a song that works very well in our live shows”



The music of Fuzz Forward is nourished by the hard rock of the 70s, the alternative sounds of the 90s and the stoner of the new millennium. Thus they manage to create a strange and exquisite mixture with crisp riffs, dark melodies and touches of spatial psychedelia.


Band Members
Juan – Vocals
Edu – Guitars
Jordi – Bass
Marc – Drums