Glenn Hughes Rescue Rooms 26th Jan

Tonights entertainment and one we have been looking forward too for a long time, comes in the form of Glenn Hughes legendary bassman singer songwriter collaborator with countless artists with whom he has built quite an impressive resume.
The venue for tonight would be Nottinghams Rescue Rooms and warm up would be Stone Broken.

Arriving at the venue its was already almost at capacity before tonights warm up act hit the stage, now there is a reason for this as Stone Broken are one of the hottest new acts on the circuit at the moment and when you see them perform you can see just why, although a relatively short set just seven songs altogether, there was enough time for Stone Broken to really get the crowd going, with their blend of huge rock sound meets classic arena rock, vocalist ‘Rich Moss’ belting out one track after the other with a real swagger, ‘Stay All Night’



‘Better’ ‘Be There’ you could be mistaken for thinking that these guys had been around much longer, as before long Moss has the crowd eating out of his hand and in fine voice as he leads them in a chorus of Yeahs louder louder he screams as the Notts crowd duly obliges taking time to announce a new track ‘Just A Memory’ from the brand new album which they are set to hit the studio in the springtime to begin recording, ‘This Life’ as Moss explains was written about living life to the fullest do want you want to do, before announcing that two members had quit their day jobs so they could be on this tour (A decision i am sure will turn out to be the right one as these guys are here to stay),

finishing up with current new single ‘Not Your Enemy’ Stone Broken were excellent the band was tight from the powerhouse vocals to the finger blistering guitars held up by the thumping bass and pounding drums these guys have it all and that is what all the fuss is about.

Stone Broken Are:-
Rich Moss – Vocals / Guitar
Chris Davis – Guitar / Vocals
Kieron Conroy – Bass
Robyn Haycock – Drums / Vocals
The time had arrived for Glenn Hughes to hit the stage looking like he had just stepped off the seventies time machine ‘Hughes’ struts out to ‘Flow’ and just by his demeanor you could tell he was happy and in his element to be on stage,

with only short gaps for ‘Hughes’ to tell short stories about having both knees replaced and having to learn to walk again as an intro to ‘Stumble And Go’ or how he wrote ‘Cant Stop The Flood’ in his moms kitchen when he was just 17, which he then declared his mum was poorly but she wanted him to keep up with the tour(we all send our wishes to Glenn’s mum). ‘Hughes’ if anything has improved with age hitting the high notes and holding them with relative ease, which takes us nicely on to the soulfully moving ‘You Keep On Moving’ which was quite simply stunning. The band which included ‘Jay Boe’ on the hammond organ which he played effortlessly and the tribute to Hughes’s former friends and bandmate ‘Jon Lord’ and Keith Emerson ‘Might Just Take Your Life’ went down a storm ‘Soren Anderson’ on guitars whipped up the crowd with his sizzling solos and riffs while ‘Pontus Engborg on drums played with a furious passion and rocked up ‘Heavy’, Black Country Communions’ ‘Black Country’ and ‘One Last Soul’. In a career spanning 40 years ‘Glenn Hughes’ brought along a rock and roll masterclass and delivered it with a maturity and ease which echoed around the Rescue Rooms walls, as ‘Hughes’ left the stage to rapturous applause, only to return for a two song combo the brilliant and heavy ‘Heavy’ and an excellent version of ‘Burn’

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