Merseyside’s God Complex are set to make one hell of a mark with their behemoth forthcoming EP Created Sick, due 5th October on Venn Records (Higher Power, Nervus, Rough Hands). To mark the occasion, the band release their first single Breeding Filth, a two-and-a-half-minute, brutal assault on the senses that combines elements of punk and hardcore with a raw and dirty aesthetic.

“Breeding Filth was created before the current incarnation of God Complex came to be. It was always intended to be a single, so it made perfect sense to include it on our first EP. The subject matter was largely influenced by a news article on the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on a Syrian town called Khan Shaykhun in early 2017. Initially, focused on war atrocities, the track grew into a more encompassing commentary on the dark nature of humanity and how it shapes the world we live in”
– Kyle Holt, guitarist



Despite only forming just last year, God Complex have worked tirelessly to craft a demolishing and blistering sound. Standalone singles Hate Runs Through Me and Insignificant garnered support from Metal Hammer, Decibel and Metal Injection. Off the back of these singles alone, God Complex were invited to tour with some of the finest UK underground bands such as Employed To Serve, Venom Prison, Holding Absence and Lotus Eater.

Produced by Loathe’s Erik Bickerstaffe, forthcoming EP Created Sick explores both personal and political messages, examining issues such as the war or personal struggles with violent and disruptive relationships. The EP also encompasses God Complex’s undeniable growth this past year, whilst screaming with the potential to come.

“We see people growing more enraged as the World becomes more polarised in the face of numerous man-made threats. We want our music to be a catharsis for anyone who listens, as well as a wake-up call from passively accepting what they’re experiencing. Once you accept that you’ve been handed a set of circumstances that are impossible to overcome, and you realise the expectations society places on you are based on a set of outdated ideals, it is easier to open your eyes to the morally bankrupt side of the human race.

This sort of subversive attitude ultimately influences how we want to style ourselves. The goal we all have is to craft an image that is in your face, that’s echoed in the lyrics of each track. No subject is off limits to us and we leave no stone unturned”
– Kyle Holt

God Complex will bring their pulverizing live show to Upsurge and Venom Fest, before hitting the road with label mates Rough Hands in October.


27th Aug – Upsurge Festival, London
29th Sep – Venom Fest, Bristol
19th Oct – Old Blue Last, London – Free Entry (supporting Rough Hands)
20th Oct – Temple Of Boom, Leeds (supporting Rough Hands)
21st Oct – The Victoria, Birmingham (supporting Rough Hands)
11th Nov – Rebellion Fest, Manchester