Greyhaze Records Reissuing Exterminator’s ‘Total Extermination’ on Vinyl LP Format!

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the September 8th vinyl LP reissue of 1987 classic Total Extermination from Brazil’s EXTERMINATOR!
Total Extermination is an intriguing, ferocious album that became the underground unholy grail. It was originally pressed in minuscule quantities (for 1980’s standards), and never really had any type of proper distribution or promotional effort behind it. It just sort of appeared in the world and circulated in the worldwide Metal trading community. Regardless, it is relevant enough to have carved its own space and to have survived over the decades.
More importantly though, the album was one of the early sparks of Brazilian and South American Heavy Metal, decades ago. It was the first official record released by KRUEGER who would go on to be a founding member of the mighty SEXTRASH. It would showcase, to the deepest degree, aspects that would become marks of early Brazilian Metal: total, utter, and out of control savagery. As such, this album is now reemerging for those who wish to take a deeper plunge into the infamous Minas Gerais, Brazil, early Metal movement.
1. The End
2. Nightmare
3. Exterminator
4. Marchando Para A Morte
5. Voyage To Hell
6. Speed Metal
7. March Of The Exterminator
8. Pro Inferno Vou Te Levar
9. Haunting The Church
10. Fighting Against The Sky Angels