Halflives ‘Empty Rooms Review

Artist- Halflives

Album- Empty Rooms

Genre- Alt/Pop Rock

Release Date- Out Now


‘Empty Rooms’ The debut album from Italy’s ‘Halflives’ is available now and it is a little crossover cracker, is it Xmas already we hear you say, well if you need any ideas for gifts then ‘Empty Rooms’ by ‘Halflives’should be high on your list just to be sure you are not left with an empty sack this Xmas 🙂 \m/\m/.

Album opener ‘Lone Wolf’ The intro is like taking it back in time into the nineties rave and disco era with keys and and bass, which builds up and fades out as the angelic vocals of ‘Lynda Battilani’ with a strong bassline accompanied by some great little riffs.

Now fans of Uk Rockers Vega will instantly recognize the intro of ‘Mayday’ although this soon fades and in come the angelic rock like vocals of Lynda once more as the pace builds into an melodic rocker with huge hooks and a chorus that gets stuck in your head as your foot starts tapping to the beat and your chants of ‘Mayday’ fill the air.

‘Echo’ slows the pace with a chorus of keys that give the impression that this ballad will be echoing around in your mind for quite sometime a well written well delivered top anthemic hit for sure that will not only echo in your mind but you will be singing it for weeks.

All out rocker ‘Half Alive’ with a deep bass track and thunderous drums will have your feet tapping and heads rocking as you reach for the air guitar to smash out that bridge like solo with a devilish grin and just a slight sense of being ‘Half Alive’.

Title track ‘Empty Rooms’ has a catchy bass and key rythmic intro accompanied by vocals of Lynda before bursting into an anthemic rocker with big hooks and big bass, as the pace mellows throughout the verse right upto the chorus where eruptions occur like the oncoming rush of a pornographic volcano.

Overall ‘Empty Rooms’ the debit album from Italian rockers ‘Halflives’ is certainly different its not all out rock,its not all out pop its not a lot of things, what it is is a damn good album made possible by you the fan via crowd funding and you and the band should feel a sense of pride as ‘Empty Rooms’ will certainly ensure there is no empty seats at Halflives next gigs, an outstanding cross over album which mixes all genres and rolls them up into a nice little melodic anthemic album.

Rating 10