Hanging The Nihilist release 3rd single ‘Forgotten’

‘Forgotten’ is the third and last single of off Danish deathcore band HANGING THE NIHILIST’s debut EP ‘Crow’. The EP is recorded with Cabal-guitarist and renowned producer Chris Kreutzfeldt and is to be released on this Friday. On this first release the band displays their trademark sound, combining groovy and heavy riffing with captivating synth melodies and some fearsome vocals.

With a common goal to break necks with their earth-shattering breakdowns and groovy riffs, the band has been working hard on their upcoming release. Inspired by like-minded modern and brutal bands such as Angelmaker, A Night In Texas and Make Them Suffer, the young collective is set to grind some bones wherever they go.

Since HANGING THE NIHILIST was formed in 2016, they’ve played all over the danish underground scene, with bands such as Everything Is Terrible, Cold Black and CABAL.

The EP “Crow” will be released through Prime Collective on January 25th, 2019.


1. Abandoned
2. Endless Crime
3. Filth 
4. Forgotten
5. Hostile