Hellblade debut album out 14th May

Hellblade are a heavy metal band from Pistoia born in May 2017, they have announced the release of Debut Album.

The album is titled “The Equilibrium Of Chaos” was recorded at the Wave Recording Studio Samuel Tailors in Florence and will be available in limited release on CD and all digital stores.

“The Equilibrium Of Chaos” It moves between the concrete and the ‘undefined. 
In concrete terms: the perceptible rational. Our inevitably be a continuous entity becoming, in a paradoxical chaotic balance between psyche and emotion. The indefinite: the mystery, the irrational. The subjective relationship with the end, the only certainty of this life is over which moves our imagination, sometimes evocative, other exorcising. A plot metaphorical without apparently no tie, but that of a balance which flows into the chaos of ‘instinct only agency between good and evil.

1 – Dirty Water 
2 – Clouds more fast than a breath 
3 – Freedom of your chains 
4 – Last prayer 
5 – Zombie Dust 
6 – Speed more dead 
7 – It ‘sa good day to die 
8 – See you some day


Fabio Bucci – Voice and choirs 
Ivan Magrini – lead and rhythm guitar 
Loris Bertolone – Battery 
Francesco Di Ninni – Low