Hells Addiction Interview Hrh Aor March


While Attending This Years HrH Aor In Pwllheli North Wales, We Took A Slight Detour To HELL And We Were Addicted, When We Caught Up With Hells Addiction Here Is What They Had To Say:


Werockwebzine:: Thanks for joining us.

Hells Addiction:: Alright dude.

Werockwebzine:: So your looking forward to it?

Hells Addiction:: Very much mate yeah.

Werockwebzine:: Is it your first time here?

Hells Addiction:: It is yeah.

Werockwebzine:: How do you find it compared to all the others you have done?

Hells Addiction:: It’s really organised, it’s quite layed back i like it, it’s a chilled one.

Werockwebzine:: Are you a little nervous or is it just another day at the office?

Hells Addiction:: There’s always going to be a few nerves in there but the nerves cool when you walk out on stage and as soon as you hit the first note, it’s obviously very hard for me i get a bit of nerves before but as soon as i walk on stage that’s it soon as i hit the drums.

Werockwebzine:: Tell me how ‘Hells Addiction’ came about?

Hells Addiction:: Well we were playing in a band me and ‘Luke’ and my brother ‘Liam’ we all played in a band previous to that which just died a death to be honest and we thought we got to carry on, we dragged ‘Jay’ in cause ‘Liam’ played with ‘Jay’ in a different band as well and it went from there we were a 4 piece for 5 or 6 years then added another guitarist who’s been and gone, and ‘Luke’ joined last year and hit the spot.

Werockwebzine:: Who’s your influences musically?

Hells Addiction:: There’s too many to mention, for me ‘Skid Row’ without a doubt are in there.

Werockwebzine:: Skid Row are here next year.

Hells Addiction:: Is that right, the problem is there’s no ‘Sebastian Bach’ anymore.

Werockwebzine:: If it’s the ‘I Am I’ singer he is quite good a good singer.

Hells Addiction:: He is yeah, but ‘Sebastian Bach’.

Werockwebzine:: It’s not ‘Sebastian’

Hells Addiction:: No and that’s the thing for me man. I remember watching ‘Monkey Business’ live it was on one of the channels a chat show in ‘America’, as soon as i fucking saw that ohh my god i used to rewind it to the scream at the start over and over again it was like that is what i wanna do.

Werockwebzine:: That’s pretty much what put you where you are now.

Hells Addiction:: I’d like to think so.

Werockwebzine:: Your album ‘Broken’ was released in 2016, can you tell us a bit about that?

Hells Addiction:: ‘Broken’ was the second album came out last July it’s being going well, we sold it just as hard copy to start so just album sales then just 2 weeks ago we released it on digital platforms to increase the sales again of the hard copy again it’s good to see people listening to the stream on websites but still want a hard copy.

Werockwebzine:: Still want a hard copy that’s where it all is.

Hells Addiction:: For us it’s the album that got us to a position where we are now, there’s a bit more body in there, a bit more depth and that got us where we are now. We were speaking to people earlier about album 3, we go in the studio April to start album 3 that’s the one it’s gonna be great. The writings a little i wouldn’t say a little different but there’s a bit more to it, there’s ‘Dan’ in there now so we can work on dual guitars and dual vocals so it adds a bit more to it.

Werockwebzine:: Do you find that it’s easier writing lyrics first then adding music or music then adding the lyrics?

Hells Addiction:: I prefer the music there first, if I’veĀ got something to go in and write to i much prefer it.

Werockwebzine:: You recently signed up with ‘Peter Keevil’ how has this changed you as a band?

Hells Addiction:: It’s made us far more organised if anything we can do all the stuff we just need someone who kicks us, tells us where to go. ‘Peter’ is a guy who is on the ball and that’s what we need as a band. We can write the songs, play the shows but the bits in between we need someone who’s on the ball and i think we’ve found the guy to do it without a doubt, he’s pushing the right buttons.

Werockwebzine:: So it’s kicked you onto the next road?

Hells Addiction:: Yeah it’s only very early days now but i think you will see a real good progression through the year, we need a kick up the ass we do, we love to play and we love to party and we that person that can kick us up the ass and say look lads you know what i mean your partying too much.

Werockwebzine:: A bit more work and bit less partying.

Hells Addiction:: Still party but you know.

Werockwebzine:: How do you guys relax?

Hells Addiction:: Party and hangovers is probably relaxing isn’t it. I can’t remember the last time i did relax, we’re pretty busy with general life and the band proven whichever weekends we’re gigging sqeeze in as many gigs there as possible this is what i wanna do so, that’s why we do stuff in the week then that makes us able to do this then hopefully to the point we don’t have to do the shit in the week.

Werockwebzine:: What do you see the future holding for you guys?

Hells Addiction:: Bigger and better shows, looking towards the EuropeanĀ market touring over there will be a good step up. We all grew up looking at bands in the 80’s and it will always be the dream, the big shows, the big stadiums, i don’t think it matters what level your at the music you play you all want that big thing, i don’t think that will ever stop, will we get it i don’t know.

Werockwebzine:: You’ll keep trying.

Hells Addiction:: We love what we do, we won’t stop.

Werockwebzine:: That’s the main thing, and it shows in your performances.

Hells Addiction:: Thank you.

Werockwebzine:: Thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Hells Addiction:: Awesome, nice one.


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