HOLLOW HAZE new album ‘Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas’ out 12th July

Hollow Haze is an Italian melodic metal act originally formed in 2003 by guitarist Nick Savio and recentlyrevamped following his departure from the band Eternal Idol, which he had put together in 2016 withmetal vocalist Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody, Hollow Haze, etc). Hollow Haze had released six studioalbums before Savio started Eternal Idol, while the new look line-up now features vocalist Fabio Dessi(Arthemis) and drummer Paolo Caridi (MLB) alongside Savio and longtime bassist Davide Cestaro.  

“In the past few years, we were all involved in other projects, but now I am back to my first creation, Hollow Haze,” says Savio. “Here I can play with amazing musicians without compromise. The new album is a natural evolution of the band’s sound. Of course, our new singer Fabio and new drummer Paolo bring something fresh, which is the perfect connection with my songwriting.”

1 Destinations
2 Oblivion
3 It’s Always Dark Before The Dawn
4 Through Space And Time
5 I Will Be There
6 The Upside Down
7 New Era
8 A Different Sky
9 Resurrection
10 Your Are My End And My Beginning
11 Behind The Wall

The new album by the band is entitled ‘Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blues Seas’. It is melodic, heavy and symphonic and the result of dedicated teamwork that involved every band member in the production process. Its twelve songs touch on the meaning of life and its adventures lyrically, while simultaneously being delivered with tremendous musical passion.

Hollow Haze offers a hard and heavy sound featuring a screaming yet warm, melodic voice and deep, intense hooks in which listeners will find influences that range from classic metal to modern rock. Thanks to their passion and hard work, the group has delivered a crown jewel in its discography with this new record.

Nick Savio – guitars, keyboards & orchestral arrangements
Fabio Dessi – lead & backing vocals
Paolo Caridi – drums
Davide Cestaro – bass