HOOZBAH ‘Kneel To The Power’ Out 8th June

Fans of the old-school rock n’ roll and psychedelic sound that used to play on dad’s turntable have been yearning for a band like Montreal’s Hoozbah to reinvigorate the style and those wishes have been answered on the band’s new album ‘Kneel To The Power’ being released on June 8, 2019. The title track off the album has been released as a single as of April 12, 2019 and it’s the perfect teaser for the full-length with its jam packed catchy rhythms and conscious commentary that the band has become known for since 2016.

Fans of traditional classic rock n’ roll will find pleasure with Hoozbah, who feature the influences of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Pink Floyd at their core. They explain what fans can look forward to from their new release:

“It is an exploration of the dark, carnal, obsessive side of love depicted through the lyrics and reinforced by the deep rumbles of rock n roll. Featuring solos and a solid groove, this track combines various influences of the group and is a solid example of what Hoozbah is all about.”

The single was released April 12, 2019 and is available below:

The project started in the summer of 2016, with frontman Naz seeking the help of a few friends on a solo endeavour. That’s how he met Marx Twain, the band’s bassist, and engineer, after seeing him play topless on his knees, at some dingy Montreal rock n roll joint. The rest is history. Named after Chutzpah, which is synonymous with audacity for both the good and the bad, Hoozbah now rocks with Xander on keys and Morgan on drums. In their various and always iconic incarnations, Hoozbah‘s sound is expansive and genre-spanning. A fine blend of Progressive Rock, Jazz, and Blues – A modern yet more than mastered take on 60’s Rock influences.

With a stream of consciousness commentary on social climates, love, and death, the words are complementary to the music and the journey brings people together. The listener won’t resist the ebbs and flows of emotions that Hoozbah delivers: from bombastic energy to somber reflections. “Be it our intention, or their own perception, we are looking to tug at something from within. Hoozbah will make you want to move and your soul to groove.”

Hoozbah’s debut self-titled album “Hoozbah”, expected later this spring is a cumulative effort of the band’s evolution, testifying to their appreciation for their influences while staying true to the unique Hoozbah sound. Past EP’s include Slip N Slide (2017) and Ride The Wave(2016).