Hail All Sleaze Rockers

We’re pounding through number 2 and as you know we are already up and spanking out HRH Sleaze 3 with an incredible Killer Triple header for HRH Sleaze 3, Highway to Hell X and HRH C.R.O.W.S. II for 25 GBP no booking fee.

It’s going into super thrust and rooms are all but out, however just to make it stupid, were now in a position to give you next years line up with 5 headliners as per your vote.

So with Vain, Dog’s D’Amour, Enuff z Nuff, Crash Diet & Reckless Love spear heading the charge you cannot go wrong on the Sleaze front

But….you only have 36 hours, so either get down to the Box Office at Reception, get online @ or call Jess on 0207 193 1164 to lock before its gone as its all subject to availability… which is tumbling very fast!

36 Hours Rockers and then its double bubble with no free events.

See it, Feel it, Lock it