INJECTION: Release Teaser for ‘Album Debut and All the Details!

INJECTION have released a teaser to present their debut album ‘Over The Asphalt’ which is due out via MASD RECORDS and will be available on all digital stores as of August 27, 2018. 

Check out the teaser below:



Over The Asphalt is abandonment, loneliness, is the story of an adolescence stolen. Forced growth within the walls that every day becomes more and more ‘narrow. Words too heavy to be held, the pride of those living in absolute limits established by ourselves, those around us and those who can not understand what it means to live with only one person next door, yourself. And ‘the gauntlet crashing into the world, in the face of God. The soundtrack kilometers flowing under the worn soles of people walking because it knows no other way to escape. Get away from it though. Hide to keep the fire burning, to prevent burning everything around you. Letting swallow from the flames and sinking in the shadows to keep the distances from what kills the innocence. And ‘keep their eyes open when the world does not see you. The life that no one lives, the words that no one says, the names that no appointment, the look that no one crosses. things that no one wants to remember, here are eternal. under the shadows of the buildings, including the lost eyes of the people, on the seat of a bus, the benches, on the fire escape of the school in the arms of the timeless night. On the tarmac, they are indelible.



‘Over The Asphalt’ tracklist:


2-Master Of Apocalypse

3-TVX Skit

4-Steel Foot Kick Ass


6-Good Thinking / Bad Acting

7-Rotten Eyes Annie


9-Channel 60-89


11-Police Death

12-Hand Me A Gun

13-I’ve Got To Burn


Injection is a mix of genres and styles that draws from different cultural movements but united by the intensity is sound both content: Metal and Hip-Hop. As in the nineties bands like Limp Bizkit and Deftones have taken these two sounds, their contemporary, and have merged getting the sound that made them so revolutionary, the Injection offer the same formula, however, drawing from modern interaction of the two genres, managing to pack an original sound but not unaware of its origins. At the end of 2017 Injection entered the studio and what comes out is “Over The Asphalt”, an LP intense born of a concept that has long waited for its realization.



PSYCHO – singer
GRAVE – singer
LABLE – drummer
M-16 – bassist
WOLF – guitarist
HYDE – guitarist