Interview Misthaven

Werock Had The Opportunity To Interview Italy’s Misthaven Here Is What They Had To Say:-


1. Misthaven could you tell us how you came about the name?

We needed something that could show the journey we were going to start, then Misthaven came out as a combination of the words ‘mist’ and ‘haven’, which mean a shelter in the fog. That’s what music is: a shelter from all the chaos that affects our lives.

2. And how would you describe your sound?

Misthaven music has definitely a rock sound, but we can also say dark and elegant.
Rock guitars are easily combined with dark atmospheres, elegant piano weavings and catchy melodies. A new way of living Alternative Rock.

3. Who would you say is a major musical influences?

Evanescence, definitely. As Francesca has a dark voice that reminds of Amy Lee’s, we also loved and tried to create the atmospheres that surround the full band, which you can easily find in Evanescence music.

4. Your debut full length album how exited are you about this?

Actually we couldn’t be more happy about what we just created. You know, to find the right songs, the right studio, the right producer.. well, it’s all a matter of big choices. And we just did them. Feels like our work has begun spreading its wings.

5. Any word on title/release date?

Time will tell.

6. And the songwriting who takes on that mantle?

Francesca: Eleonora takes care of the music. I am the author of the lyrics. They come from the deepest of my feelings and emotions and every lyric is like a part of my life that I want to share. Every song has something to tell, has its own story. I just hope that all the people that will listen to our music will find a “place” in which rest and think, and find the words that they miss or can’t find.

7. Will there be a tour to support your new release?

There are still no plans, but we are thinking of a little tour. Europe first!

8. What can fans expect from the new album?

There will be some kind of magic. New music shows what Misthaven soul really is. They’re a reflection of every thought, every emotion we felt, every moment spent on working. Fans can expect the greatest love ever had.

9. Uk tour any plans?

As said before, there are no plans. But don’t be afraid, as soon as we have plans we’ll look after UK. No doubts.

10. Any major festival that would be a dream to play?

Rock Am Ring would be a dream. Germany has been loving and spreading Misthaven around right from the beginning. We’re so grateful.
But any other major (or not!) festival would be a dream anyway.

Thank You for your time Misthaven we look forward to the album and catching you on the road keep rockin \m/\m/

Eleonora:Thanks for the support and keep following Misthaven!

Francesca: We just want to share what we love with them. No words, just music! Hope that you guys will support us!