Into The Fire Release Debut Ep



(Pavement Entertainment)
Release: 11 October 2016
Bryan Scott (THE UNION UNDERGROUND): Vocals/Guitar
Tim King (SOiL): Bass
Adam Zadel (SOiL): Guitar
Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE): Drums

Coming steaming in all guns blazing is ‘Into The Fire an american super group featuring members of SOiL, Evanescence and The Union Underground their debut ep hits the shelves 11 Oct, and although only three tracks it lays the foundation for a full on assault of your senses which will leave you horns aloft screaming for a full length album. While only being a teaser of what promises to be a monster collaboration which offers monster riffs and thundering bass with enough licks and riffs to appease the most devilish air guitarists and instant singalong lyrics especially from single ‘Spit You Out’ Like ‘I Wanna Get You Naked And Take Your Photograph’ Definitely a winning combination that will leave you screaming for more.

Rating 10

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