Iron Lamb To Release 3rd Album ‘Blue Haze’

Swedish rockers Iron Lamb are set to release their third album, Blue Haze, on October 26th, 2018 via The Sign Records. Raising the bar for production, this album shows off Iron Lamb’s multilayered songwriting and craftsmanship. Blue Haze is a new chapter for the band, where dire soundscapes meet a grim sense of humor. Iron Lamb’s tremendous live presence has finally been captured in this apocalyptic recording.

However, the band preserves the classic rock “up yours” attitude that has been at the core of their music for a decade. On tracks like “Iron and the Lamb” and “Into the Night,” the band finds themselves approaching an epic sound. Tracks such as “The Hunt” and “Bound by Gravity” unleash pure rock n roll energy. The opener “Apocalypse Express” is perhaps the best example of how the band combines many influences into this powerful and dynamic album.


1. Apocalypse Express 4:35
2. Bound By Gravity 4:40
3. Into The Night 5:09
4. The Hunt 4:05
5. Erase Rewind 5:14
6. (Fallin´ Like) Dominoes 4:39
7. The Iron and The Lamb 3:47
8. Dead Beat 5:31



Blue Haze was recorded and mixed by Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona (producer of In Solitude, Viagra Boys, and Tribulation) at Studio Cobra. Andreas Sandberg (Negative Self) plays keyboard and mellotron on the song “Into the Night.” Koine plays keyboard and piano on “Erase/Rewind” and Hammond organ on “Dead Beat.”

Iron Lamb began their metal journey in 2009 and have released two albums prior to Blue Haze: The Original Sin (2011/Pulverised Records) and Fools Gold (2015/High Roller Records). Except for the dark mood of Blue Haze, there is little resemblance to bands like Repugnant, Martyrdöd, Dismember, Diskonto, General Surgery, Tyrant, and Insision where Iron Lamb members have served time. Iron Lamb is excited to unleash Blue Haze on the world, feeling that it is their “most complete album to this day.”