J.T. LEHTONEN Releases New Song “New Day”!

Finnish long running musician and songwriter J.T. LEHTONEN has released a new song, today May 17th, available on the most common streaming services!

Stated J.T.:
“Dear friends! I am extremely excited to tell you that finally my new song, entitled “New Day”, is released today and it’s available on the most common streaming services!

“New Day” Line-up:
Peter Grip on drums
Mika Aalto on vibraslap
J.T. Lehtonen on guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals

“New Day” is written, recorded, mixed and mastered by J.T. Lehtonen. Song arrangement by J.T. Lehtonen and Peter Grip. Coverart by Anna Salminen and J.T. Lehtonen.

Furthermore J.T. reveals: “I’m currently working on new material together with drummer Peter Grip. The target is to get back to a bit heavier sounds, something like our debut album “Land of Dust”.”

J.T. LEHTONEN released his debut album “Land of Dust” on April 7th, 2017. The story of the album began when J.T. Lehtonen built his own rehearsal room and recording studio to the downstairs of His garage.

Material started to form from riffs, ideas and unrecorded songs. Things became to get their form first so that J.T. Lehtonen played all the instruments himself using midi-drums. The tracks started to form but the midi-drums was something that needed to be changed. So J.T. asked Miika “Gas Lipstick” Karppinen (ex HIM) to play the drums for four tracks. After the proper groove drumtracks recorded the idea about the full album started to became clear. Then J.T started to proceed with the re-recordin more guitars etc. On that time “Kaasu” was busy on recording the HIM -album “Tears on Tape” so J.T. got another drummer to play some of the easier songs. By the time Kaasu came back to record drums for three more songs. Then J.T. engineered the album sound with help from Risto Niska.