Jack The Envious: New EP ‘In Your Own Way’ Releases 14th July

Bringing together catchy choruses, heavy riffs and a youthful infectious energy, Jack The Envious have a delicious post-hardcore sound. We are now delighted to bring you the news that Jack The Envious will release their second EP ‘In Your Own Way’ as a free digital download on the 14th of July.
On the EP, Jack The Envious comment:
“We’ve got so many songs in our arsenal at the moment, it’s been crazy to choose only five songs, but we wanted to keep it simple. Bands change all the time, a little here, a little there. With that being said, we wanted to capture it yet give the listeners who already know us that familiar JTE vibe. The songs are, in a way, very different from each other, but at the same time contain the guidelines of a JTE song.
We never settled on one style of writing, and every time it’s a different journey but with the same friends.”
Can’t wait for the new EP to drop? Well you’re in luck, as Jack The Envious have just released the second single, ‘Guilty’ along with an amazing video


“In Guilty, we get more ‘political’ than we used to. The influence for the song comes from what we see happening in the world. Back home, such subjects revolved around us on a daily basis. Yet it’s all over the world that people with power use it, some for good, some for bad.
We got to a certain point where there are so many problems, and no one takes the responsibility, leaving everything in the air.
We aren’t judging, we just say what we see and we’re obviously not fond of it. You can take a listen and think for yourself.”


Formed in 2012 by Nir Perlman (Vocals), and Guy Avnon (Guitar), Jack The Envious were later joined by Guy Checkarov (Bass) during their military service. Between 2011 and 2014, Jack The Envious focused mainly on perfecting their live show and writing songs, struggling to mix both national service and band life together.

After releasing their debut EP, ‘Pull You Down’, last year the band had a few very successful local shows while maintaining new content releases. Aiming to branch out, they left everything behind and moved to the UK on January 2017.


Jack The Envious are:
Nir Perlman – Vocals/ Screams
Guy Avnon – Guitar
Guy Checkarov – Bass/ Backing Vocals