JAKETHEHAWK to release sophomore album, ‘TO BUILD A FIRE’ on November 10th

Pittsburgh’s own ‘Appalachian Desert Rock’ brotherly quartet of JAKETHEHAWK continues to pursue the sky with the announcement of a new full-length album coming in November on Blackseed Records. Their sophomore record, ‘TO BUILD A FIRE’, comes less than a year after their debut release, ‘Year Of The Hawk’ last January.

The band shared some insight into creating the new album:

“The bones of this album were mostly written on acoustic guitar with the idea that it would give the music a more ‘song focused’ feel. The title track songs were rewarding, because they contain cohesive musical and thematic journey. To Build a Fire’ is a representation both of where we are as a band and where we want to go musically and texturally.”



To Build A Fire pt. 1: First, We Kill All the Lawyers
To Build A Fire pt. 2: Parting Glass
To Build A Fire pt. 3: Recluse
To Build A Fire pt. 4: Geotaxis
Holy Water
The Silk Road



With all music written and performed by Jakethehawk, the album was recorded and engineered by Justin Lober in Pittsburgh, with mastering by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks. The beautiful cover illustration and design is by Joe Mruk of Red Buffalo Illustration.

Set to arrive on November 10, 2018, ‘To Build A Fire’ will be available via Blackseed Records in physical format on CD, with Digital Download and Streaming through all major outlets (Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.).

Jakethehawk is:

Vocals/Guitars – Jake Ferranti
Bass – Justin Lober
Drums – Jordan Lober
Guitars/Vocals – John Huxley

Formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2016, Jakethehawk is a band with feet firmly in two camps. Their time on stage in direct support of acts as diverse as Italian doom giants Ufomammut and Maryland soul-rock riffsters Lionize illustrates this. The heavy-riff oriented style hearkens to the heavy rock and metal scene that pervades the underground. Shunning the in-your-face barbarism of modern mainstream hard rock, Jakethehawk takes a cue from bands of years past, focusing on emotive, colossal riffs that appeal to both the heavy metal fan and casual listener equally.

Looking beyond the simple, low end fuzz of so many of their forefathers, Jakethehawk feels kinship with modern psychedelic and post-rock movements. Soundscapes, layers, and textures color the music; driving the wall of sound onward inexorably toward some distant horizon.

The music drives… but to where? And who is behind the wheel? Jordan Lober (drums), Justin Lober (bass), Jake Ferranti (vocals/guitar), and John Huxley (guitar/vocals) answer in earnest.