Janet Gardner Interview

We had the opportunity to have a chat with the delightful Janet Gardner about her new debut self titled solo album, Vixen and love here is what she had to say:- 


1. A Longtime coming, so why did it take so long before a solo release and why now was the time right?

It actually came about by accident. Justin, my husband, and I had just moved into a new house and we set up a studio room. We were both down there working on material for various things and it was only a matter of time before we started exchanging ideas. After we wrote the first song and we’re happy with it, we thought it might be a fluke. But several songs later, we figured we had a pretty good thing going and decided to release it. As I had never done a solo album, it felt like this was the right thing at the right time.

2.and what would you say is the big difference for your writing material solo wise compared to vixen? 

Justin and I just wrote whatever we felt like whenever we felt like it. With vixen, there are expectations of what it should be and what it should sound like. It was nice to step away from that for minute and just do whatever came to us.

3.will there be a tour to coincide with the debut release?

Yes, we already played the first leg of the tour and it was a blast! We did two shows in Michigan and a weeks worth of East Coast dates. The band is warmed up and sounding great! Next, we’re off to Texas, the West Coast and hopefully, do you K and Europe soon..


4.the album written by you and your husband ‘Justin James’ do you feel your passion and commitment to each other came across on the album?

Yes, I do think so! We were very nervous about working together at first because it could’ve gone either way. It could potential he have driven a wedge between us. Luckily, the whole experience brought us closer together and we were able to express ourselves freely.

5.and do you have a favorite track from the album maybe one that is a little more special?

That’s like trying to choose your favorite child. LOL! They all have special meaning in different ways. The song “Candle”, we wrote about my parents who passed away within a couple years of each other recently. I was alone with my dad when he took his last breath. I’ve never been so overwhelmed with emotion in my life. The song “Best Friend” is Justin and my story, so that one’s pretty special to us too.

6.you have been around for sometime toured the world over is there a favourite moment that stands out and gives you great memories?

Our first arena tour with Vixen, was in Europe, opening for the scorpions. I will never forget the first night when the lights went down in the crowd roared. I had the biggest goosebumps ever! More recently, being able to get on stage with my husband and performing the album that we wrote is very special to me and we’re having the time of our lives together!

7. and is there an artist alive/dead that you would like to have shared the stage with?

I’ve been so fortunate in my life and have the opportunity to work with so many great people and to open for so many amazing bands… Mega talented and great people just hang out with. If I had to pick one that I never even got to meet, I would choose Janis Joplin. Sharing the stage with her what a been a crazy dream come true!

8.and do you have any pre-show rituals?

Not much really. I do some breathing exercises to call my nerves and I have a little pre-show mental checklist. I always pick easy songs to sing to open the show so I can sort of ease into it and warm up my voice as I go.

9.any tips for young and upcoming bands?

Just get out and play! Take every opportunity you can to get in front of people. The Internet net is great and there are a lot of ways to get your music heard but there is nothing better than live shows to bring a new fans.

10.the future for janet gardner?

More music! Solo, Vixen and more!!!!!


Janet Gardner The Album

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