Jeff Scott Soto ‘Retribution’ Review



Artist-Jeff Scott Soto

Genre- Rock/Hard Melodic Rock

Release- 10th Nov 17


This 10th Nov sees the long awaited return of Jeff Scott Soto with his brand new and stomping solo album entitled ‘Retribution’ is Jeff’s first solo album in five years the last being ‘Damage Control”Retribution’ is produced and arranged by Jeff Scott Soto and Howie Simon

A thunderous start with riffs and heavy bass line sees album title track ‘Retribution’ kick things off in fine style soon in comes the unmistakably fine vocals of Jeff who is on fine form as he screams, cries and melodically waltzes his way through the album opener which includes a killer solo from ‘Howie Simon’ the bar is set very high from the beginning and the album does not fail to hit the mark.
‘Reign Again’ is like a melodic slice of apple pie it has an upbeat melodic tempo with Jeffs soothing tone with a singalong chorus you will soon be chanting ‘Your Reign Will Rule Again’
‘Feels Like Forever’ is the first ballad from the album and it is a great soul searching track delivered in a way only Jeff can with a soulfully charged brogue which immediately sets the tone, a great backing track of guitar and bass perfectly accompany Jeff’s tones with a great little solo that never threatens to overthrow the tempo or mood,this is one killer track and certainly has hit written all over it.
The tempo is raised for ‘Breakout’ with a rockin riff intro, joined by vocals bass and thunder in the drums a slightly angrier Jeff on this track its like a melodic Jeff with added attitude ‘Liar Your Pants On Fire’ is the cry, as the track progresses you can almost sense someone stole Jeffs lemon meringue pie and he is pissed about it.
‘Dedicate To You’ is an upbeat melodic rocker that Jeff is famed for its foot-tappingly good with a great almost yngwie like solo midway through and to close, certainly one to play through the headphones while out on a long walk or jog, as its guaranteed to add an extra bit of bounce to your step.
Album closer ‘Autumn’ is an acoustic driven ballad that soothes as you digest the bass and gentle guitar while Jeff almost tells the story with the voice of an angel.
Of course we could not review ‘Retribution’ without mentioning ‘Song For Joey’ as we are sure you are already aware of the story behind the song all we can do here at werock is wish Jeff his family and loved ones all the best and sincerely pray for a miracle, while ‘Song For Joey’ is extremely personal to Jeff and the pure energy, and sincere heartfelt emotion accompanied for the most part by a haunting piano track midway the tempo builds up with added drums and keys that never overpower but enhance the emotions.

Overall ‘Retribution’ is a welcome return of Jeff Scott Soto in solo form and he certainly returns with a bang, ‘Retribution’ is in our eyes and ears the melodic rock album release of the year and Jeff deserves all the credit.




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