JENNINGS COUCH is creating waves with new rustic and contemporary alt/indie belter

After reaching outstanding heights on his previous single ‘Serotonin’, 22 year old Jennings Couch is starting the new year off the right way with the announcement of his latest single ‘Stay Out’ set for release on 26th January. As anticipation continues to brew for the forthcoming EP set to be released in the not too distant future, ‘Stay Out’ gives us a taste of what to expect, and the standards we are dealing with from this young muse, as it carves a path through raw emotion and untouched mind sets.

Utilizing the expertise of producer Kevin Malpass (The Four Of Us, Creep, Sia) and Christopher Neil (Cher, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion), the new single fosters an organic and earthy sound, amalgamated with layers of contemporary production to create an immediate and long lasting impactful edgy, alternative indie song. Encompassing a cross between the influential and notable Blink 182 and Frank Turner, ‘Stay Out’ stands up in its own rights as a new age anthem significant to young girls and boys in 2018.



Commenting on the song himself, Jennings states “It is essentially a break up song, sung through the words and ideas of young teenagers. The idea that kids either put up a sign or tell their parents/siblings to ‘Stay out of my room’, is what kick-started the lyric to this song. You’re essentially telling your other half to get out of your life.”

Through the incorporation of tantalizing vocals and rustic guitar lines, ‘Stay Out’ delves into the ominous and relatable feelings of teenage angst that comes when you tear yourself away from a once lover. It focuses on this foreign feeling of pain related to a break up that teenagers do not understand yet and the confusion on how to deal with it.

“I feel it is relevant in 2018 because young teenagers still experience painful heartbreak. I think it’s a strong, empowering song that people will be able to relate to.”



Born in the urban wilderness of New York City before emerging from the serenely rural countryside of England and then making it in the streets of West London, Jennings Couch is a man who embodies the virtues of his environments whilst imbuing his artistic output with reflections of all of his life experiences and observations to date. By early 2017, and having perfected their craft week in and week out at numerous haunts across the UK, Couch’s band were on their way to Austin, Texas to perform at SXSW. Initially only invited for one show, they managed to gain the attention of numerous promoters and demand was such that they were added to the line-ups at both the The Apple Music House and the BBC British Music Embassy at Latitude 30.