Journey Keyboardist: Steve Perry MUST Front Band At Rock Hall Induction!



Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain says that if the band ends up getting the final nod for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, former lead singer Steve Perry needs to come back and perform with the group. Perry left Journey in 1998 rather than be forced into hip-surgery so that the band could tour behind their hit reunion album Trial By Fire. He’s currently prepping his first solo album in over 20 years.

Jonathan Cain was asked if the band feels that being nominated this year is a long awaited validation: “Not as much to me. We’ve never been the critic’s choice, y’know? C’mon, they bashed us in the ’80s and every album we put out they just pretty much laughed at and it sold platinum. . . platinum. . . platinum. . (So). . . And y’know, so much of that Hall is writers and critics, y’know? But what we’ve done over the years is just quietly just continued to be relevant. And so maybe they weren’t right about us (laughs).” 




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