Kane’d Interview Hrh March

After All The Hellfire And Brimstone And Rockin With The Saints Of Hrh AoR We Decided To Take A Break So We  Took A Stroll Into Stage 1 And Whilst There We Were Kane’d And We Liked It,We Met Up With The Gorgeous Kane’d ( And That’s Just The Boys) After Their Set Check Out What They Had To Say:


Werockwebzine:: What a great show and thank you for joining us
Werockwebzine:: It’s quite a unique concept of three sisters fronting a rock band who’s initial idea was that?

Kane’d:: We’re not really sure actually it just kind of happened, we’ve always sang from being young because there is a lot of singers in our family, dads a singer, an auntie that sings and grandparents that were in bands and everything. So it was kind of a natural progression that we would end up on stage, and from a young age we started singing together practising harmonies and we started off the whole girly thing you know dance routines, we grew out of that and started writing our own material, and the way that we were writing kind of went into the live band kind of genre. We met Harry our lead guitarist and it just went from there, it literally did go from there. I don’t know how it came about it just naturally happened over the years.

Werockwebzine:: Would you say there is a main song writer or is it a joint effort?

Kane’d:: At the moment it’s joint between us three girls and Harry, but we are working on the new album at the moment and the other boys are definitely getting more involved. I’m just gonna say this is the best interview ever because there’s sweets right in front of me. I’m having a lovely time i’m not gonna say anything i’m just going to eat.

Werockwebzine:: Who would you say is your main influences?

Kane’d:: Harry for me it goes back to ‘Dokken’ and ‘George Lynch’ all that stuff ‘Lynch Mob’ ‘Cradle Of Filth’ i also like poppy stuff i like everything.

Werockwebzine:: As long as it’s not Justin Bieber.

Kane’d:: Ooohhhh god No. ‘Chez’ i’m highly influenced by ‘Alter Bridge’ i love them and i love ‘H.E.A.T and ‘Reckless Love’ there my top three bands. So there quite different all three of them, so it kind of shows in my song writing.

Werockwebzine:: So you try and mix all that up together?

Kane’d:: There’s a lot of influences in the band too many to name but i think if you knew all of our influences and then you could listen to our stuff you could pick them out.

Werockwebzine:: Is there any sibling rivalry?

Kaned:: Only if we’ve got one microphone then we you know, we try to get the microphone off the other two. Chez or if they want to steal my clothes yeah there is that, that can’t happen. We are actually really close, we have our fall outs like anybody else but never really serious enough that we would actually want to kill each other.

Werockwebzine:: Unfortunately my family wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

Werockwebzine:: When is the new album/ is there a new album in the future?

Kane’d:: We are working on the new album but we haven’t got a date specifically as to when it will be available, but it will be in the next couple of months we would of thought. We will make an announcement in the next month or so to let you know when the date is.

Werockwebzine:: Great!!! In your career so far what would you say is the biggest high point?

Kane’d:: A big high point is when we did the last album just having the finished copy of it and going wow we did that, only because the first album we did was very influenced by other people and it wasn’t what we wanted. So when we got the second album back and we had written it all we recorded it done everything we wanted to do to it, that’s a big high point because I’ve got that to show the grand kids in years to come. No it’s just something i’m proud of. But obviously playing HrH is a big high point because there lovely people here and they like the album.

Werockwebzine:: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

Kane’d:: Stacey i like to run a little bit, Stephanie that’s not a hobby that’s torture. Well we all work out well the girls do so that’s probably classed as a hobby not sure we enjoy it that much. Chez i’m a little bit of a call of duty addict.

Werockwebzine:: Me too.

Kaned:: You’ve just found yourself a new team mate, but are you xbox or ps4?

Werockwebzine:: I play both.

Kane’d:: Ohh that’s ok then. Harry i drink Guinness in my spare time. That’s why you’ve got soft, bouncy hair. Jack i work that’s my hobby.

Werockwebzine:: Thank you so much.

Kaned:: Awesome thank you it’s been a pleasure, you need to tie your sweets down before we go.



Hear The Interview Here: