Killcode Interview At HRH XI


It was highly convenient to meet Killcode’s Tom Morrissey in the backstage toilets of Hard Rock Hell here is what he had to say:


WeRockWebzine:: Hi thanks for joining us.

Killcode:: Thank you sorry we missed the first time.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s ok, great show last night and tonight, how did it feel opening the first awards show?

Killcode:: It was really awesome, we had a taste of the UK a couple of months back at another festival we did in Hull and the reception was fantastic so we kind of knew what to expect a little bit but i have to say the people of Wales stepped it up even more. Last night was a little glitzy glammer and tonight was pure straight up rock n roll.

WeRockWebzine:: Just the way you like it.

Killcode:: Yes.

WeRockWebzine:: So your ever growing with appearances at Bang Your Head, Hell And Heaven Mexico and Rockfest In Barcelona, do you feel you are quite rightly gaining the international recognition?

Killcode:: Yes, that was the goal we have been on the road worldwide for about a year and a half now you mentioned many of the places we also went to France, Switzerland numerous trips to Mexico, numerous trips to Germany, Puerto Rico, like you said the UK 4 months ago, now these two so what we like to say is spreading the code and we are keeping the momentum yes.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you feel, i mean a long long time away from home do you ever get homesick?

Killcode:: You know we do but we spent a lot of time kind of making sure we didn’t go what we call on tour to nowhere, where you get the band and pay two people, we said let’s stick in New York City for a couple of years and really make this our home base and really blow it up which we did we were playing all our favourite big venues like the Gramarcy, Bowery Ballroom and we were doing this numerous times and we got to a point where we said ok we either spin our wheels or we can take this on the road to bigger and better places, we were blessed to meet Danny Stanton of Coallier Entertainment we signed on about two years ago and the golden mission was to take it overseas and see what the response would be.

WeRockWebzine:: The ultimate goal.

Killcode:: Yes definitely.

WeRockWebzine:: How does HRH compare to the other festivals?

Killcode:: One of the best i could say, the people here are very passionate, no bullshit, if they don’t like it you’ll know but if they love it they will let you know as well.

WeRockWebzine:: Who would you say was your major influences.

Killcode:: For me i would say, our band and if you listen to our cd’s and see our show there a very wide range of sounds and styles we all come from different places. We all have a common love of metal classic rock but we all have separate interests within that, me growing up in New York City i old school hip hop fan, not a big fan of new hip hop, me in particular i’m a big fan of The Who, The Faces singers with great vocals like Rod Stewart.

WeRockWebzine:: A lot of European influences.

Killcode:: Yes, yes.

WeRockwebzine:: Apart from music what are your hobbies?

Killcode:: I’m a voice over actually for commercials and i do voice overs for tv and film.

WeRockWebzine:: Ohh we didn’t know that.

Killcode:: So you might of heard me on TV some time.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s possible.

WeRockWebzine:: Your sophomore release which was called ‘The Answer’ how can we get hold of that?

Killcode:: Well it’s our second full release full album, we have three ep’s prior to those as well ‘Taking It All’, ‘To Die For’ the self titled album ‘Killcode’ and now ‘The Answer’ which are all available on our website as well as all our merchandise as well as links to our social media, Instagram, Facebook, twitter all that sort of stuff so, but for the new release ‘The Answer’ there’s only a couple of singles available at the moment for download a couple of free ones, but the full album will be available by Christmas you can get download the full album as well.

WeRockWebzine:: Brilliant.

Killcode:: Every song will be available for download for the new cd ‘The Answer’ by the holidays.

WeRockWebzine:: Brilliant, you’ve been supporting the legend Dee Snider and still are, how’s the experience been?

Killcode:: It’s been great, we were blessed to go out on the last tour with Twisted Sister for their 40 and fuck it tour, we did most of the European gigs with them and we did some US shows as well, now we’re doing it with Dee prior to coming here last couple of weeks we’ve been doing east coast states in the states now we’re here as well. You know he’s a legend for me there’s nothing like the experience of sitting at the side of the stage and seeing him go, whenever i feel like you know tired or something i just have to look at him.

WeRockWebzine:: Does he have an influence on how you play?

Killcode:: I would say definitely, we’re different stylistically but similar in some ways, he’s high energy he definitely has something that i draw from for myself, if you see our show you’ll see we don’t stop moving and i can definitely say I’ve learned a few tricks from him for that.

WeRockWebzine:: You’ve supported and played with some great bands, do you have a personal favourite moment or memory?

Killcode:: I would say the first big festival in Mexico playing to 80,000 people and DC and myself are both Spanish Puerto Rican, we stop the set and talk to the crowd in Spanish and the response back was like a roar that was my first moment like wow, and as you might of seen in our shows we like to do something, when i say kill you say code, so that was the first major festival major crowd and to hear 80,000 people yell back code that’s priceless.

WeRockWebzine:: Who would you most like to share the stage with alive or dead?

Killcode:: I would say there are bands alive or half alive ‘The Who’ is a big personal favourite of mine, Zeppelin was a favourite of mine, there’s some new bands i would love to go on tour with as well Foo Fighters i’m a big fan, i’m also a big fan of Shinedown, but again if you ask different members you’d get different answers, you’d probably get Zakk Wylde and Black Label from Chaz, Sabbath from Eric, from DC you might get a New York City hardcore band and from Rob Noxious Janes Addiction.

WeRockWebzine:: You all have your own flavour that you add to it?

Killcode:: Yes that’s true.

WeRockWebzine:: What would be your ideal festival lineup?

Killcode:: Ideal festival lineup i would have to say, if i had to pick and choose again The Who, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Killcode headlining (all laughing).

WeRockWebzine:: What would you do for a living if you wasn’t in a band?

Killcode:: Probably like i said voice overs, luckily it’s my voice so it’s still it’s an extension of what i do, it’s not a bad day job it could be a lot worse so that’s pretty much what i would be doing if i wasn’t doing this.

WeRockWebzine:: The future for Killcode?

Killcode:: The future for Killcode is working on the new record, i’m not sure if it’s going to be ep or full length, the last release started out as an ep and ended up an album so you never know we’ll hopefully finish it by January, we’re looking to tour South America in February and then hit the festival circuit again one of the things that’s definitely in our plans is to come back to Wales.

WeRockWebzine:: Brilliant, thank you very much and thank you for your time.

Killcode:: Thank you very much and like i said and spread the code.