Killer clowns in new music video from Danish rising stars Justify Rebellion

Today is the release day for a new single and video from Danish heavy rock band Justify Rebellion. Produced by Nicklas Sonne (lead singer of Defecto), who also guests in the track, “Act The Fool” is a song and video that can make you shake and feel dizzy. And promises great things for the quartet.

The video can be seen below:

In late 2016 people from all over the world disguised themselves as killer clowns for the purpose of intimidating each other in the streets. An episode where society was exposed to a creepy trend. A trend that was equally dangerous for the costumers as well. The song “Act The Fool” takes it’s point of departure in the perspective of the clowns. A perspective that had deadly consequences because of the actions. The song features Nicklas Sonne, lead singer in the Danish metal band Defecto. Produced, mixed and mastered by the same person.