Killit Interview At HRH XI

Werock  Had Time Kill At Hard Rock Hell,  And What Better Way To Killit Than Chatting With Niro Knox From London Based Hard Rockers Killit


WeRockWebzine:: Hi thanks for joining us.

Killit:: I’m happy to be here.

WeRockWebzine:: Is this your first Hrh?

Killit:: Yes it is, I’ve never even been as a spectator like it’s the first time.

WeRockWebzine:: How has it been so far?

Killit:: I have to say not that i had a bad opinion or anything but i was really surprised, like it’s really good cause of the nature of the venue you know i do a lot of Butlin gigs and stuff like that for work and i never imagined it this cool, it’s really really cool, it’s the right people yeah i like it.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s going to be a regular then?

Killit:: Yeah absolutely man even if we’re not playing, i’m in.

WeRockWebzine:: Let’s talk about your debut album ‘Shut It Down’, It was released in May last year, it’s received high acclaim how proud of the response are you guys?

Killit:: Very proud it’s been a long wait, you know we’re a new band, but something that people usually don’t just perhaps think about is, that we didn’t just come out of nowhere like all of us were in bands for years, I’ve been in a lot of them for almost 15 years and yeah it’s a new band but people think that success came fast but actually  they don’t see the 10 years before that you were learning and making mistakes, so it kind of happened really fast and i think because of that all the writing was very natural we didn’t even think about what we were writing which was very like, you know i’m a guitarist and i kind of like came up with riffs and i found a drummer then a bass player then we found a singer the process was very fast, we recorded the album in like 3 months and then we got rid of the first singer not a lot of people know that, then we had to wait a year till we found a singer we didn’t want to compromise. I went to hell and back went to other countries you know like Sweden went to Tel Aviv met people.

WeRockWebzine:: To get the perfect fit?

Killit:: Yeah, then i ended up finding Gaz our singer who lived across the road from me, which was insane (all laughing), i live in North London, we put an ad on starnow like badass singer needed for a band and just like that this guy was like what’s your postcode and we had almost the same postcode so that’s pretty cool, i see it as a little bonus you know.

WeRockWebzine:: Yeah, do you think the extra experience of the years out of other bands has helped with Killit?

Killit:: Absolutely I’ve played with some many people, I’ve written stuff with people, like i was in so many bands and so were they, so when we get in the studio now, it’s kind of like you and me having this conversation now, music is a language as well and yes most people are just fans and listeners but when your in it i guess we have this language, you either it’s the same with conversation you meet random people you might get on with some and you might not and we just get on that’s it, i don’t want to make it sound too magical because there’s no magic here it’s just.

WeRockWebzine:: There’s times when things gel and sometimes they don’t.

Killit:: Yeah and it really does for us, the writing is super, you don’t get any of that Spinal Tap crap when we write, we’re very relaxed about it not a lot of egos between us there’s no like oh i wrote that and stuff you don’t like it lets find something that fits, this is a project you know a business almost like we’re running a Starbucks together.

WeRockWebzine:: So we wrote that not i wrote that?

Killit:: Yeah totally man like this album is it wouldn’t sound the way it is if it wasn’t for each one of the guys that were involved in that, it’s like no one here was just filling in or serving, we were all there for each other it was a long way but it was pretty cool.

WeRockWebzine:: We caught your acoustic set earlier that was a really good set and looking forward to later for the full electric set.

Killit:: Oh thank you.

WeRockWebzine:: You hail from London but your very much multi-national Hungary, Israel, Argentina and Switzerland how did the alliance come about and how did you all meet?

Killit:: Well i moved to London in 2004 literally with a guitar and a suitcase, started working in bars and whatever and i very soon in about two years i found a band and was with them for about 10 years, i was in a band called King Lizard and we all kind of separated at some point and i said well i’ve got all this i have wrote i went to Metalwork’s, Metalwork’s is a very well known weekly night on Sundays in London, every musician in London knows about that, all the big players come and jam there, Richie from Judas Priest used to play there like i played with him loads of times i had a band with him, Uriah Heep bass player, Paul DiAnno was there a couple of times to jam it’s pretty cool, so i went there to look for musicians and i saw Pete the drummer I’ve never seen anyone hit a snare drum harder than this guy and he just blew my mind away, so i had a conversation with him we met up, i got a bass player one of my best friends at the time Geos and it was just the three of us and we started writing stuff found a singer so they was all like well Pete is from Hungary and he was there as well he was in a band called Wasted Sinners, Geos was in a band called Ace Mafia with Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest, but me and Geos always wanted to do a band together and i discovered Pete the drummer and i was like right guys we got a band, that’s how we got started. Geos is not with us anymore because of commitment reasons and we’ve got Ben now who is English, Gaz the singer is English as well and we’ve got Claire now who is Swiss Army Knife (all laughing) she’s from Switzerland.

WeRockWebzine:: How has Claire settled in?

Killit:: Yeah she is great, she was the lead guitarist for the all girl AC/DC tribute band, she is experienced she’s very young she’s 23 our average age in the band without her is like 36 but she’s very experienced in touring and live gigs you will see tonight.

WeRockWebzine:: You find you bounce off of each other?

Killit:: Oh yeah she reminded me what a badass i used to be on stage and i’m looking at her and i’m like oh my god why aren’t i moving like her i got to step it up, very young blood and she fuckin rocks man.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you have a favourite moment so far in your career?

Killit:: Me personally or for Killit?

WeRockWebzine:: For you personally.

Killit:: For me personally, yeah i was in Dallas at a place called The Bone that’s where Stevie Ray Vaughn used to play and he is my favourite blues guitarist and i jammed with the band that used to play with him we did a jam there, i just googled it i was there on a family visit so totally random, didn’t have a guitar i played on some other guys guitar and his guitarist Christian Brooks he’s a great guitar player just fell in love with me like we only played three songs but we sat all night and they taught me how to really down tequilas and at the end of the night he gave me Stevie Ray Vaughn’s slide and I’ve still got it that’s pretty cool.

WeRockWebzine:: Wow. What about a Killit moment so far?

Killit:: A Killit moment well i think it might change after the gig tonight because we are a big show band but i would say, we did a show at the Big Red in London we had like 500 people there that was a really good moment actually but the year before as well we almost sold out the Underworld in London so that was pretty cool, but i think my favourite moment with Killit is right now all the time that’s how it is.

WeRockWebzine:: Your still living that great moment?

Killit:: Absolutely like i believe firmly in that, i see a lot of bands and I’ve been in other bands where it doesn’t work like that and it’s just not workable, you know you really have to be in the moment, you’ve got to compromise as well there’s 5 people you gotta have space for other peoples crap, we all have our crap.

WeRockWebzine:: Of course yeah.

WeRockWebzine:: You’ve been announced to play Giants Of Rock early next year.

Killit:: Yes yes we did a competition on the small stage and they called us literally on the drive back and said we want to have you on the main stage next year and i was like awesome.

WeRockWebzine:: Are you looking for to that?

Killit:: Absolutely yeah it’s also a great event and you know it’s just people who really really support the bands it’s like i come here and it feels like, it doesn’t feel like we’re getting less of the treatment than Airbourne or Y&T would get they really make you feel like we wanted you here and we’re here to see what you’ve got, we like what you’ve got already and they wanted us the agent went on our website and filled in the contact form and asked us if we wanted to be on this festival so that was a really good moment actually for us we didn’t have to ask or chase it was pretty good, and it was an agent i had been chasing for ten years with King Lizard before and never even responded to my emails went on my website and asked if we wanted to play thats a huge, that says something as well about what we’re doing i guess.

WeRockWebzine:: The perseverance it’s paid off.

Killit:: Yeah yeah it has.

WeRockWebzine:: With your video ‘See The End’ being featured on Scuzz t.v, things are really on the up how excited are you by this?

Killit:: Very excited, it feels real i mean when we started, i mean i’m 37 when i started playing i was 14 and when your 14 you like to create all these dreams, you know my favourite band was Guns ‘n’ Roses, i saw them in Wembley on live t.v and i was like this is the coolest thing in the world and i kept visualising myself doing that but that’s not a grounded thought you know it’s not really grounded to think like that it’s healthy as well you gotta think about where you are now and i find i don’t know if the right word is content but it’s just like i’m really, it’s not that that’s not the right word but i’m just really fulfilled all the time i feel fulfilment of self expression being in this band, i mean we’re very excited but it’s very grounded. we’re not like right guys we’re gonna make it like what does make it mean, the way i see it i already made it i do what i love i earn a living playing guitar i also run a business in digital marketing, i have a nice life, i have all the time in the world and all the flexibility to do what i want to, if tomorrow i get a phone call and i gotta go and play guitar with Alice Cooper or whatever for like 6 months i can do it, I’ve designed my life for that so i guess for me as an individual i’m very happy where i am, i think the rest of the guys are as well cause it was kind of criterious when we were auditioning, every audition was followed by 25 minutes of chat with every, we like auditioned 14 guitar players 6 bass players and it’s really important for us to get the right person.

WeRockWebzine:: Personality’s have got to gel.

Killit:: Absolutely man absolutely, we’ve got to have badass motherfuckers in this band and when i say that i mean not just on the stage off it as well people who are just you know because it’s a tough business but we need people who aren’t scared of that, i’m warning that it’s tough and it’s just an excuse not to work hard you know.

WeRockWebzine:: I mean there’s so many bands who’s personalities on stage and off stage are totally different they don’t even talk to each other and it’s not the way you want your band to go.

Killit:: I don’t know if you noticed but i like to have a good fuckin laugh man, it’s just like if you don’t put a smile on peoples face what are you here for you know it’s 2 things that matter if you have joy in your life and if your life brought joy to others that’s kind of my philosophy and Gaz is very like that as well our singer I’ve never seen someone who loves human beings more than him.

WeRockWebzine:: Who would you like to share the stage with?

Killit:: Well i can’t speak for the entire band but you know it would be great to perhaps,,, well here’s the thing when you share the stage your not actually sharing the stage with them at the same time so it all comes down to your playing for there crowd, i would say Guns ‘n’ Roses like all my heroes man Megadeth, Metallica, whatever like i wish Pantera was still around just to be involved in a night full of real metalheads who just love rock and metal, i mean we all love all sorts you can catch me listening to AC/DC, Whitesnake and on the other side Slayer and Pantera anything that rocks, my personal would be Guns ‘n’ Roses i mean it’s my fuckin favourite band ever i would love to support them.

WeRockWebzine:: Mines Van Halen.

Killit:: Yeah cool.

WeRockWebzine:: Who takes on the song writing duties or is it pretty much a joint affair?

Killit:: Well because the core was me and the drummer so in the beginning i just had guitar riffs i’m not really a lyricist i mean i can write melodies but i’d rather leave it to the singer cause you want the singer to put his thing on it you know, so i come up with riffs and we have Claire now so i’m trying to encourage her to start sending her ideas to me, Ben the bass player has got an idea, we are all musicians who play other instruments as well so it’s like bring it on if someones got an idea bring it on and the beautiful thing is if we don’t like it then nobody gets offended like it’s a waste of time it’s like fine we can come up with other ideas.

WeRockWebzine:: Just try something else?

Killit:: Absolutely and that’s why i feel this band actually has a chance we’re never gonna give time to all these petty little,,,

WeRockWebzine:: You don’t argue as such like that’s my best bit of work you’ve got to use that?

Killit:: No the last argument we had was about logistics, should we put this in this car or that car it’s alright it’s not a huge we call it ding dongs, we have ding dongs sometimes it’s fine i really do feel that we are a family and i’m pretty sure the others do to.

WeRockWebzine:: Is there a new album on the horizon?

Killit:: Yeah we already, so our first album that one sounds good but we figure we did the best we could and it’s a bit of a problem because we gotta make sure somehow the next album sounds better, our sound is really good so we’re trying to do it in a different way now, in a different studio with a different method of recording it, so we’ve done tests, we’ve got like 4 or 5 songs ready but we’re gonna test them it sounds really cool, so we did a test with our mixing engineer Phil Kinman respect you know and it sounds really better which is really satisfying so yeah album is on the way we’re writing stuff at the moment and it’s going to be a bit heavier but it will also have, we want to open up the other angle cause i don’t know if you noticed but our songs always have something in the middle like a wierd beat or someone takes the song somewhere else, we love doing that it’s something Aerosmith and Guns ‘n’ Roses does a lot, for me personally it’s something to have that extra dimension.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s a song within a song.

Killit:: Yeah yeah yeah give it a bit more depth and we want to write epic mega ballads as well and we just really love it we fuckin love November Rain, personally i’m not doing this to be a tough guy it’s just i fuckin love music bro, probably the same as you guys.

WeRockWebzine:: Your doing what you love and enjoying what you love.

Killit:: Yeah yeah exactly and that’s badass if you ask me that’s the real badass thing to be a person that rocks what he does.

WeRockWebzine:: The future for Killit what are your hopes?

Killit:: Well there’s always that kid in me that says world domination you know a year and a half tour with your own stage like the Lose Your Illusion tour, the Van Halen tours in the early 90’s late 80’s, we love big stage lights. What we want for the future we want to get to mainstream radios just like the big big bands did, i always say right like minimum like Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses level of success i’m not a person that does something if i’m not trying to do the best ever like there are a lot of bands that are semi famous been around for years and they will never be as huge as Metallica and stuff like that and they just gonna have to keep touring not that i dont like touring but you want to cash out as well and fortunately money is part of the game and i think people who claim to be a bit hippy about it then there not aware money is fuelling life you’ve got to have it, if you get more of it then you can have more space and time to do what you love which is do the music so we do wanna cash out on that we do wanna make a financial success as well and that’s for us we want to be an arena band dressed like the big ones you know, there’s some bands that are a bit less than that and me when i think about being that something inside me goes argh.

WeRockWebzine:: You want to be beyond that.

Killit:: Yeah i don’t think it’s for the ego it’s just i want to do it that huge you know, i kind of owe Guns ‘n’ Roses a lot because you know i was touched by what they was doing, when your 14 and you have a bad day you just gotta put on the fuckin tape i’m on a night train.

WeRockWebzine:: So you will be at Download next year then?

Killit:: Hopefully, i’m not a festival person because i’m not really the camping sort of guy, so i’d like to got to a version of Download where i can stay in a nice little caravan at least, so there’s where it’s coming from when i say i’ll only go to that festival if i end up playing it.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s Guns ‘n’ Roses headlining next year.

Killit:: I’ve seen them in Queen Elizabeth Park in London what a show man, they literally melt my face for three hours i was just like this is really good i felt like that little boy in me was full on out there, that was a good thing sometimes you gotta let that boy out and i was just like screaming like a nutter yeah baby come on motherfucker Slash is soloing and i’m like come on baby come on motherfucker.

WeRockWebzine:: So he is definitely your hero then Slash?

Killit:: Yeah i think he is a great player my holy trinity is Slash, Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell rest his soul, these people have character in a way and a style of playing. What i liked about Slash is the 80’s when they came out every other guitarist in other bands were all trying to be like Van Halen but nobody can do Van Halen better than Van Halen man nobody even Zakk Wylde says that so this guy everybody was it’s typical and faster and all this sort of stuff here comes Slash.

WeRockWebzine:: Totally different.

Killit:: A bit dunky and he plays amazing though and he’s got that David Gilmore style you know that nice tone, really touching kind of notes and for me that inspired me even the solo’s he does in there version of Knockin On Heavens Door it was really really tasty for me that touched me and i was really into music and i just went out and bought a guitar didn’t fuckin know what to do with it.

WeRockWebzine:: Did you ever listen to Gary Moore?

Killit:: He was one of my favourite guitarists man, when he died that week i did a shitty webcam video, we only had webcams then the USB ones, i did Still Got The Blues a five minute version just soloing the shit out of it as a tribute to him so that’s on YouTube, he was my favourite and i remember when i just landed in December 2004 there was a gig he had in hammersmith and i missed it i didn’t have a lot of money or a job yet and i didn’t go and see him and i kind of regret it because i never got to see him live and one of my inspirations and my influences in my tone is from Gary Moore, if you’ve heard our album my tone i mean i like the Slashy sound but my tone is very i love Gary Moore man he was there commercial for a Les Paul man.

WeRockWebzine:: The very first gig that actually got me was 1987 at Sheffield City Hall it was Gary Moore, it was brilliant.

Killit:: Ohhhhh. The first gig i did with King Lizard we were working with Chris Tsangarides who produced all Gary Moore’s albums producer from the 70’s and 80’s down in Dover and he was really cool because he would tell me so many stories about Gary Moore and he was amazing. I love Gary Moore.

WeRockWebzine:: Thank you very much for the interview and your time and we wish you all the best.

Killit:: Absolutely man, thank you. Cheers Guys