King Bolete ‘A Deal With the Dark Ones’ Out Now

A Deal With the Dark Ones is the debut EP from Oxford based quintet, King Bolete. Laced with dark themes, infectious grooves, and catchy hooks; this first release introduces the bands musical range to the world with moments of raw riffing power and eerie ambience.



1. Green Witch
2. Down to the Chapel
3. Palm Reader
4. Standing Stones
5. Liquid Moon
6. Wolf Driver



Started in the spring of 2016, founding members and guitarists Tom Urben and Lewis Batten began jamming and developing early material with nearby musicians at a local rehearsal studio. Drawing from a wide spectrum of influences from Jethro Tull to Electric Wizard and everything in between, the pair found a third member and began to gain momentum with then drummer, Anthony Harrison.

Over the course of a year or more, the trio continued to write more songs and build up their setlist trying to focus both on; the parts of their musical influences they love and also trying to complete the line up for their ongoing project. The rehearsal studio door constantly welcoming and saying goodbye to part time members. Friends would often attend the sessions to fill in for missing members, until finally in the May of 2017, one of those friends (now bass player Lloyd Price) became a full time member along with now singer Mick Deans and the first incarnation of King Bolete rode out to make its name.

With the beacons lit, the band tore in to a furious summer of gigging. Recording a 2 track demo with friend and Self Help guitarist (Sean Cousins) and taking every show possible, trying their hardest to spread their name around the scene. This earned them their first invitation to play at local skateboarding festival, Summer Bowlstice. Months of late night rehearsing and shows passed and in the early winter of 2017 drummer Anthony announced his departure.

Rocked but still determined to live on, the band found their next drummer (Marco Silva) behind the bar of their favourite gigging venue. Having heard of Marcos work in many other bands in the area, the four invited him to a rehearsal session to see if the sparks would fly, only to find fireworks.

The next few months where spent modifying and re-nailing the material in preparation for recording their first EP, A Deal With the Dark Ones, along with playing more shows further and further away from home until late July 2018 when it was time to start recording the EP with friend and locally renowned producer, Keir French.

After 2 years, 2 drummers, 3 singers and 5 bass players, King Bolete released their long awaited EP and is getting ready for another season of shows and a 2nd album to follow.

Band Line-up:
Mick Deans – Vocals
Tom Urben – Guitar
Lewis Batten – Guitar
Lloyd Price – Bass
Marco Silva – Drums