King Kartel ‘Part of The Plan’ EP Review

Artist- King Kartel

Album- Part Of The Plan (E.P)

Genre- Rock/Alt Indie

Release- Out Now


Manchester’s King Kartel have released their brand new smash E.P. entitled ‘Part Of The Plan’  and from the very first electronic buzz of ‘ Itchy Trigger Finger’ you are instantly hooked to the fist pumping heart pumping beat and soon will be chanting along with an ‘Itchy Trigger Finger’ while frantically strumming your air guitars, and it only gets better with ‘Kerosene’ quickly following on with great riffs and foot tapping beat and a chorus you wanna get stuck into and loaded with so many hooks and licks its like Rocky 3 had a love child with Emmanuel.  The E.P closer is a riff ridden piece of ‘Superficial’ anthemic addiction that will have you begging for more.

In closing King Kartel have the world at their feet and if they continue to produce anthemic wonders like what is on offer with their latest E.P. ‘Part Of The Plan’ well that’s just what their impending success will be just ‘Part Of The Plan’.

Rating 8/10