LABYRINTH ENTRANCE Reveal Debut Album Details!

Godz Ov War Productions are proud to present the debut release of Labyrinth Entrance, a solo project of Hunger known from, among others, Stillborn and Horror of Naatu.

‘Monumental Bitterness’ contains more than 40 minutes of music primarily enrooted in widely interpreted black metal in which classic heavy metal meets industrial suffocation, and intense death metal has been flavoured with a rocking feeling. The entirety has been consistently intertwined with unique melodies and embellished with daring vocal parts.

The excellent artwork has been designed by Maciej Kamuda who perfectly illustrated Hunger’s concept deeply inspired by Dante Aligheri’s Inferno. Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

The material was recorded at 666studio, and the whole production was handled by Michał Grabowski.



1.Canto 0
2.Canto I
3.Canto II
4.Canto III
5.Canto IV
6.Canto V





A limited CD, the official premiere of which has been scheduled for 15 January 2018, can be bought before the release at