Last Bullet ”80-69-64″ EP Review

Artist-Last Bullet

Album- 80-69-64

Genre-Rock/Hard Rock

Release Date-July 14


This summer sees the release of 80-69-64 the brand new 6 track E.P from Toronto based hard rockers ‘Last Bullet’ a follow up to their two EPs 2012’s “Love.Lust.Illusion” and their self-titled debut in 2010.

Kickin off with ‘Sin’ you can see where this E.P is taking you straight down that rocky road of hard rock and debauchery with just a hint of sleaziness to keep you sane, with rockin hard riffs and thundering bass line the vocals of ‘Bryan Fontez’ hit you like a shovel, with heads banging and feet stomping you will instantly be hooked on a life of ‘Sin’. ‘Southern Lips’ is just as sleazy and debaucherous and will continue to have your heads banging into a fit of riotous fury as you reach for you six string air twanger and praise the lords of hard rock and throw your horns to the air as you scream for those ‘Southern Lips’.

Blues infused ‘Bright Lights’ shows a different edge to Last Bullet’s repertoire and is very impressive, Bryan handles the vocals with ease and the slide blues guitar riffs by Brendan Armstrong and Michael Silva are simply awesome with a guitar solo midway that again showcases their talents on the six strings. The EP ’80-69-64′ in general is a killer release 6 tracks of pure classic sometimes blues infused always sleazy rock, no fillers just pure fashion killers.


Rating 9/10