In anticipation of their upcoming sophomore release “Muspelheim”, New York City based Viking metal masters LAST LEGION have re-issued their 2013 debut album “Edge of the World”. In coordination with hard rock/metal label Gravel Entertainment, the album is now available for the first time on all major digital music platforms and compact disc as of October 31st, 2017. In conjunction with the release, the band has shared a streaming video for the title track “Edge of the World”.
Merging massive duelling guitars and epic lyrics infused with Norse mythology, LAST LEGION melds technical melodic riffs with the primal aggression of Scandinavian metal. Their 2013 debut album is a must have for fans of the Melodic death metal and Viking metal genres. They have recently completed their long awaited follow up album and it is tentatively scheduled for release in December 2017. A new official music video is also in the works. In the meantime, they will be performing live at the 3rd annual Pocono Folk Metal Festival in Stroudsburg, PA on November 4th. Additional tour dates will be announced on their website as they are added.





Band Members

Malharan the Despoiler, King of the World and Lord of the Sky, is the Skald.
Chris the Dark Elf and his Six String Bow.
DK wielding Sword of Steel.
Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom.
Ameer the Beheader.