LATTE+ is a trio born in 1997 in Florence, Italy. In 22 years they released 8 albums, participated in multiple splits, compilations, tributes and have done hundreds of shows in Italy and Europe, sharing the stage with bands like CJ Ramone, Bouncing Souls, The Bombpops and many others, and playing in big festival like Rebellion in Blackpool (UK). LATTE+ are now back, and they do it with a self-produced album called “Next To Ruin” released by their own label Phocomelic Music and distributed in Europe, North America and Japan.

Next To Ruin

Phocomelic Boy


Waiting For You

I Miss You

Good Looking Girl

She’s The Evil

Everybody Likes You Wife

She Cracks The Whip


Lost In Berlin

Hey Hey It’s Dee Dee’s Birthday Today

Very Abnormal People

“Next To Ruin” is one of the most expected album in the indipendent Punk Rock scene and is also a poster of their sound and their punk rock thought! 13 new songs that trace clearly the most authentic pop punk acts, influenced by the Ramones first and bands like Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Riverdales, MTX and the first Green Day. Simple and straightforward texts, three chords played in bursts to pieces lasting up to a minute and a half and pop melodies that you get immediately into the brain, these are the elements of the sound that LATTE+ are offering to their fans with “Next To Ruin” where they reached professional and stylistic maturity.