Lester Greenowski To Release Second Solo Effort “Out of Tune, Out of Key”.

Lester Greenowski grew up in Modena (Italy), as a teenager he played drums in various local bands, at 20 he started his own band Lester And The Landslide Ladies where he was lead singer and main songwriter. 
In ten years (2002-2012) the band performed over 600 gigs touring Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, England and Hungary, often sharing the stage with international acts such as Backyard Babies, Faster Pussycat , L.A. Guns, Enuff Z’Nuff, The Vibrators, The Dickies, Michael Monroe, Dogs D’Amour, Koffin Kats, Texas Terri Bomb, Jetboy, Cockney Rejects, Slaughter and the Dogs, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, Paul Collins etc. Meanwhile the band recorded several albums appreciated by critics and audience. 
In 2011 Lester approached Honest John Plain (The Boys, The Lurkers, Ian Hunter, Pete / Stride, Mannish Boys, The Crybabys) and asked him to set up a backing band to play Plain’s solo material. Plain accepted and with Greenowski on bass and vocals they’re still regularly touring Europe everytime Plain is free from his other commitments. As a result of this collaboration the band record Honest John Plain And The Landslide Ladies “Honest Alive” (2012 Tornado Ride Records).
In 2012 after the disbanding of Lester and the Landslide Ladies, Lester decided to continue as a solo recording artist, in 2014 he released his debut album “It’s Nothing Serious Just Life” for Area Pirata involving in the process many guest musicians he became friends with on the road Honest John Plain, Ricky Rat (Trash Brats, Cheetah Chrome, Kevin K etc.), Laur Choppard (Sparkling Bombs, Sugar Sugaar, Gutter Cats etc.), Texas Terri (Texas Terri Bomb!) etc.
In 2015, aside of his constant touring as a solo artist, Lester took part in The Crybabys (1991 best new act for Kerrang!) reunion tour together with founding members Honest John Plain, Darrell Bath (UK Subs, The Vibrators, Ian Hunter, The Dogs D’Amour etc.) and Robbie Rushton (Capt. Sensible, Gunslingers, Mannish Boys, Whizz Kids etc.). With the same line up he embarked on a European tour and participated in the recording of the comeback Ep “The Italian Job”.
In 2016 he toured Europe with Richie Ramone (Ramones) as the opening act through all the 20 gigs of the European leg of his world tour. In the same year he went back on the road with Honest John Plain And The Greenowski’s for a 16 gig european tour and right after that he joined Brandy Row (The Gaggers, Needle Automatics) for more touring.
In 2017 to celebrate his 15 years behind the mike he’ll come out with his second solo effort entitled “Out of Tune, Out of Key”. 
== Discography ==
=== Landslide Ladies === 
* 2003 – Loud, Loose & Lousy! (Selfproduction)
* 2004 – Six Strings & Cigarettes (Selfproduction)
* 2005 – Anyway; Glitter from the Gutter (Second Avvento)
=== Lester and the Landslide Ladies ===
* 2007 – Best Friends Glitter Can Buy (Secondo Avvento)
* 2007 – Change, Derange, Rearrange (Secondo Avvento)
* 2007 – Dysfunctionally Yours … Live (Secondo Avvento)
* 2010 – Estranged In Ladyland (Tornado Ride Records)
* 2011 – Frantic Tales For The Fast Living (Tornado Ride Records)
* 2012 – Great Songs Through Poor Performances (Tornado Ride Records)
* 2012 – It’s All About The Result (Tornado Ride Records)
=== Honest John Plain And The Landslide Ladies ===
* 2011 – Honest Alive (Tornado Ride Records)
=== Lester Greenowski ===
* 2014 – It’s Nothing Serious Just Life (Area Pirata Records)
=== The Crybabys === 
* 2016 – The Italian Job (Area Pirata Records)