LORELEI “Shadows Of October” Released 24th November

The second album by the Russian band Lorelei was awaited for a long time, but it was worth it, as the band seems to have a second wind and represent itself to the listeners in a new way. Keeping the melancholic lyrical atmosphere, the musicians turned from gothic doom to the doom death metal, while almost completely abandoning female vocals, leaving the male growl at the leading position. The combination of crystal keys and heavy guitars, melodiousness and sincere presentation is exactly what is necessary to create autumn mood.





Band Members
Alexei Ignatovich – Guitars
Marina Ignatovich – Keyboards
Egor Loktev – Guitars
Alexei Kuznetsov – Vocals
Kseniya Mikhailova – Vocals
Mariya Kiverina – Vocals
Alexander Grischenko – Bass