Louder Still Interview At HRH XI


Just As We Were Getting Into The Swing Of Things At Hard Rock Hell We Just Had To Get Louder Still, As We Caught Up With Reading Rockers Louder Still And Had A Blast

WeRockWebzine:: Hi, thanks for joining us.

Louder Still:: Hi thank you.

WeRockWebzine:: Are you enjoying it so far?

Louder Still:: Yeah it’s been great.

WeRockWebzine:: Is it your first time here?

Louder Still:: Yes our first time, we went to the awards ceremony on Wednesday which was awesome, then we went back to Reading where we’re from for sort of last minute rehearsals and stuff, then came back up this morning to make a day of it.

WeRockWebzine:: Pretty much hectic then?

Louder Still:: Yes very hectic getting last minute preparations for the set later.

WeRockWebzine:: Are you looking forward to that?

Louder Still:: Absolutely yeah, we want to get it done but in a good way you know just get on with it.

WeRockWebzine:: Where did your name come from?

Louder Still:: It’s a bit hard to explain where the name came from, it sounds like it should be an interesting story but it kind of really isn’t. We were under a different name and it was different, last year was kind of the last year under that old name and we hit high touring the states and stuff, then we kind of felt the band we are now is all over now, it’s different from the band we were when we first started so we thought it’s maybe best to change our name, relaunch ourselves, we were more sort of, the original sort of style of the old band was metal old school metal where as we got a little more replenished i suppose since then we’ve developed a bit more hard rock blues so we thought we should re-brand.

WeRockWebzine:: So sort of reinvented then?

Louder Still:: Yeah, just a bit, the name kind of came from Simon, we like to joke that we were the loudest band in Reading but now we’re Louder Still.

WeRockWebzine:: Well you know it’s simple really (laughing)

Louder Still:: (laughing). Yeah it’s straight to the point i mean it’s kind of our identity a little bit so it does what it say’s on the tin really.

WeRockWebzine:: Your relatively new as Louder Still and you’ve already been making big noise because your Louder Still, You’ve already supported Lita Ford and L.A Guns how was that experience?

Louder Still:: That was really good actually, it was very sort of battle hardening as a young band coming through, we did that on the back of playing Rocklahoma, we literally did the gig at Rocklahoma last year in America we came back and a week later we played that show so it was like wow all this stuff is going on and we was a really great time with it and like i say it was battle hardening to go backstage with these people and see what really happens, i mean don’t get me wrong there kind of like a lot older now obviously so there’s not as much debauchery and things like that don’t get me wrong but in our own minds we all like to think things like that happen (laughing) So yeah it was great.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you pick any sort of tips off them?

Louder Still:: I think, certainly i was impressed with how nice and polite Lita Ford was to us, she said never get married (all laughing) but my dads been telling me that for years anyway but i think being pleasant to people goes a long way.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you get nervous before a show.

Louder Still:: Not anymore, i get really excited, in a way i feel like the experience let’s you deal with it a bit but it’s less about performing and more about when i go will there be some technical problems, my amplifier will blow up or all of the strings on my bass will break simultaneously (laughing). I don’t get nervous i mean the first performance we did i got a bit nervous but now it’s like i’m probably relaxed.

WeRockWebzine:: It’s just sort of second nature to you now?

Louder Still:: Yeah but that doesn’t take away any of the excitement, i need a bit of pump and still want more, i don’t really have any fear of a bigger audience when i thought i might do but when we did Rocklahoma which was our biggest gig so far, i felt more relaxed than i ever have done on stage so i think that’s due to the sound on stage and all those things, i don’t think it matters how many people there are it’s how comfortable you are on stage and how well it’s going. You know when there’s a few things that go wrong things get a bit tense we think oh great oh fuckin hell it’s just a bit annoying but i think above that fine.

WeRockWebzine:: Is there a festival or a show that you would really like to play, really like to appear on?

Louder Still:: I mean there’s quite a few, we’d love to play Donington, Reading festival would be a good one because we’re from Reading, I’ve never been and i always say the only time i’ll go is when we’re playing it that’s like a personal goal in my head but it’s indie rock and stuff like that so having an actual proper rock band it’s a bit of a bucket list one.

WeRockWebzine:: Do you have any pre show rituals any thing you like to do before you go on stage?

Louder Still:: Try and calm down and just make sure that everything is how it should be, i do little warm up and things like that, i like to make sure my hands are warm, that warm me up then literally your hands are stone cold and all the scales and stuff like that won’t get you any where, so you just got to ask sometimes is there a bathroom anywhere or something and i literally just run my hands under warm water, or stick your hands in the hand dryer anything that warms them up, that does wonders i’ve done gigs before when it’s been literally freezing and it’s been an absolute nightmare because my hands have been just like claws, we don’t have time for rituals we don’t sacrifice goats or anything like that (all laughing).

WeRockWebzine:: Your debut single ‘Speed Machine’, it has received some rave reviews how proud are you of that?

Louder Still:: Yeah it’s relatively an old song for us it’s not that old obviously, but for us it was a bit further back in the catalogue but it’s kind of always stuck around and been a favourite, we didn’t quite expect it to be a single though but that song seemed to get a lot of attention so we thought we’ll release it as a single and listen to the people, it’s a song we’ve been playing for awhile it kind of sums us up in a way. We were proud of the song but i think we were also proud of the music video as well cause there’s quite a lot of bits and pieces in there, we had a couple of expensive cars it was relatively simple but production of it was quite a big deal for us, a lot went into it.

WeRockWebzine:: What has been a high point in your career so far?

Louder Still:: Hopefully tonight yeah yeah, we’ve been lucky enough to play Rocklahoma and play with Lita Ford and L.A Guns and record at Abbey Road, yeah so were working up to releasing our album we’ve been recording in all kinds of places and one of those places we were lucky enough to record at was Room 2 at Abbey Road that was an amazing experience, yeah we’ve been a bit spoilt with experiences in a very short time i think.

WeRockWebzine:: So when is the album due?

Louder Still:: Early next year.

WeRockWebzine:: Early next year great.

Louder Still:: Yeah March time hopefully we haven’t set an exact date on it but yeah somewhere around there. There’s a single to come out then the album will come along so it’s got a single to go with it.

WeRockWebzine:: What should the fans expect more of the same?

Louder Still:: Rock n Roll but it’s not like AC/DC rock n roll, it’s more blues rock n roll a little bit of everything, i like to think our songs are diverse in there own little sort of statements really some fastly energy packed, some hard tracks that hit you kind of stuff, some proggy instruments in there as well, we’ve got quite a long song that we’re hoping people will enjoy it’s a ten minute song we just thought well

WeRockWebzine:: Is that as proggy as you get those ten minutes?

Louder Still:: Yeah Yeah, it’s actually just really boring it’s just a man reading (laughing). I like to think it’s a bit of a marsh to the great that we’re influenced by and we’re hoping people will enjoy it.

WeRockWebzine:: Who are your influences?

Louder Still:: Well first off Free, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden all those sort of bands.

WeRockWebzine:: All the old school rock?

Louder Still:: Yeah sort of the old school giants and based on what we defined when we was playing beyond that and as our music developed we got our own sounds those influences stayed lingering in the background. I’m quaint to bands like Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Rage Against The Machine.

WeRockWebzine:: So a pretty good mix that you all put together and make your own sound.

Louder Still:: Yeah, i definitely think we have originality there, i think like fans and stuff don’t base everything that Louder Still does on Speed Machine as that kind of a favourite there so much stuff in the pile that hasn’t been heard yet that’s quite different more not so, you don’t always know what to expect, even i’m surprised at it i’m in the band it’s whatever these guys throw at me, we want to appear to a wider range of rock audiences, get people that like that then introduce them to something else then they’ll start liking that cause they like that, obviously get the people that like the other stuff and they will hopefully like us.

WeRockWebzine:: We look forward to hearing it.

Louder Still:: Thank you very much.

WeRockWebzine:: Good luck for later tonight.

Louder Still:: Thank you yeah it’s in a couple of hours actually.

WeRockWebzine:: We will make sure we are there.

Louder Still:: Cheers Guys.

WeRockWebzine:: Thank you very much.

Louder Still:: Thank you guys.