LUCKY BASTARDZ Release New Official Video For ‘Tear In The Wind’

Lucky Bastardz have released their new video for  ‘Tear In The Wind’ which is taken from the album ‘Be The One’ which is available via Sliptrick Records.

Check out the video below:



In the video for Tear In The Wind, a young girl learns about the power of goodbye and of music, thanks to an old and kind homeless man. Time goes by and memories fade, but thanks to a dream, todays grown girl gets contact with her inner child once again. This is the first ever acoustic and orchestrated ballad from Italian rock band Lucky Bastardz and gets a delicate and intimate videoclip to go along with the track, taken from their recent album, Be The One.

Be the One is the fourth album from Italian hard rockers Lucky Bastardz and it’s also, by far, their most ambitious. It’s what you might call a “semi-concept album” focused on the themes of inner re-birth. Be the One contains 10 excellent tracks for both the first timers and the purists with not a filler in sight!


Lucky Bastardz are:
Tiziano “Titian” Spigno – Vocals | Pietro “Pacio” Baggi – Guitar | Marco “Mark” Lazzarini – Drums | Paolo “Mr Tnt” Torrielli – Bass