Marc Vanderberg joins darkSIGN-RECORDS / New singer Raphael Gazal

The German hardrock guitarist and songwriter Marc Vanderberg changes to the German label “darkSIGN-RECORDS”. In addition, Brazilian Raphael Gazal will sing the entire album.


                                                                                  Raphael Gazal

“My second album will be released by the German label darkSIGN-RECORDS. The change to darkSIGN was a logical step since I was working with the CEO of darkSIGN-RECORDS, Thorsten Eligehausen, on the project “Eli van Pike”, which he had initiated, and I was able to convince myself of his professional approach”, says Vanderberg.

The release of the album is scheduled for the end of 2017. In contrast to Vanderberg’s first album `Devil may Care`, the new album will sound more rock-oriented and more ‘Back-to-the-Roots’. In addition to the songwriting, the voice of the Brazilian singer Raphael Gazal underlines the rock-oriented sound of the album. “While I still had to find my style on my first album, you can clearly hear on the second album that I found it and developed myself as a songwriter and guitarist. From my point of view, the sounds and the songwriting remind more of the classic hard rock legends like Alcatrazz, Yngwie Malmsteen or Europe with always catchy choruses. So the new album combines catchy choruses with tricky guitar solos and rocking rhythms. On top of that, I have found a new singer, who transforms the songs with his Michael Vescera-like voice into metal anthems”, says Vanderberg.

The new Vanderberg album contains 10 songs, one instrumental piece. The release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017.