Mark Stanway Interview

We Caught Up With Former Magnum Keyboardist And Extremely Nice Guy Mr Mark Stanway For A Short Email Interview About Life Cars And The Future

How proud are you about your time with magnum?
I will always remain immensely proud of my 36 years with Magnum and indeed all of the achievements made during that time.

The early days what was it like for you getting your first break?
When I joined Magnum back in the spring of 1980 we were still very much a support band etc., so really I guess our first break was headlining for the first time in around 1985 Storyteller’s Night era and playing the likes of Hammersmith Odeon and all the other major venues around the UK as a bonafide Headline act.

Any great memories or stories to share?
Too many to mention in a brief interview but I released my first book in 2015 entitled ‘Close to the Mark’ which catalogues many memorable and extremely amusing events.. The book is available only from my website

In your music career any regrets?
No not really, just regrets that were out of my control, as in the circumstances which led up to my departure in December 2016. I am still saddened that I am no longer part of Magnum but was left with little or no choice because of many things, all of this will be explained in my next book which I have started but don’t expect to finish until next year sometime.

If you could is there anything you would change?
Certain peoples attitudes!!

Is there a favourite venue/festival you have played?
It has to be Hammersmith Odeon is the best venue for any band to play in my opinion and beats the likes of Wembley and the NEC arena gigs as it is wide and therefore remains quite intimate to play even though it holds some 31/2k people etc., Venues are also associated with special audiences and whilst our home town shows (Wolverhampton/Birmingham) will always be special, a Glasgow Audience and a Madrid Audience are just off the scale to play too. The best festivals I ever played were Sweden Rock, Donnington, Reading (UK), Lorely Germany and Roskilde in Denmark

And one you maybe didn’t have chance to play but would of liked to?
I was asked to Join Foreigner not too long back but had to decline due to Magnum commitments etc I have also had the chance to play with so many legends and feel blessed. I.E. Phil Lynott, Robert Plant but only one person (although I know him and have been on the same album as him) would like to play with is Jeff Beck my all time guitar favourite.

Is there anyone past or present you would of liked to share the stage with?
JEFF BECK and the Beatles 

Outside of music do you have any hobbies?
I barely get the time to pursue hobbies but I enjoy playing snooker, photography, graphic design and pencil drawing amongst other things.

A favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere warm with a quiet beach, I do like Menorca very much.

Your favourite car and or bike?
I don’t ride bikes anymore but love Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and cars are not so important to me these days as driving is not a pleasant thing to do as too many vehicles and bad drivers on the road. I did have an Austin Healey many years ago and that is still one of my favourite all time cars. I drive a rather boring but very comfortable Jaguar Estate at the moment which is a lovely car with a great Alpine Stereo system. I love listening to music in the car as well as checking out mixes of my music too.

What do you think about the current state of the music buisness?
It’s OK I guess, but sales have plummeted since the dawn of the internet and anyone can start a label or release a CD all from their home nowadays which makes it far more accessible to the average musician.

Moving forward what are your plans?
I am doing a series of ‘Evening’s With’ and have just done my first one in Wolverhampton which was a great success I’m pleased to say so I have more shows coming and more being arranged. I am also writing with Laurence Archer for a proposed new Grand Slam Album and intend to tour with that at some point and also looking at putting together an all star band too more details will follow!!! I also continue to do sessions/guest on other peoples albums.

A solo album maybe?
I am still continue to write material for a solo album that will get finished one day

What keeps you motivated?
Bills!!! And my dear family of course.

Thank you for your time Mr Mark Stanway we wish you all the very best
Thanking you too…. a pleasure 


Catch Mark On One Of His Intimate Shows At The Dates Below:-

March 9th -Chapel Arts Centre Bath

May 11th -Darwen Library Theatre Darwen Lancs

May 18th -Huntingdon Hall Worcester

June 2nd -Ropetackle Arts Centre Shoreham by Sea 

September 29th -The Atkinson Southport.