Oxford mathcore trio MASIRO have been captivating listeners with their own
blend of math-prog-metal since the tail end of 2011. Originally formed with
Chris Pethers on drums and Mike Bannard on guitar, the twosome wanted to
push the envelope and consequently hooked up with Chris Hutchinson Mogg (ex
50ft Panda) to help fulfil their unique vision of producing a sound that is
not only interesting and off kilter, but hypnotic and alluring. Although
influenced by everyone from Meshuggah and Primus, through to Mars Volta,
MASIRO bear their own markings, evidenced in the shape of their brand new
EP, Geodesics, which is out on Friday 7th September.

MASIRO spent their formative years shaping their set and focusing on their
art. By 2016, the three-piece created their first EP, Technocologist
Unknown, which caught the ears of Louder Than War, Alt Dialogue, Can This
Even Be Called Music, The Punk Archive, and many others. Shows with Poly
Math, Core of IO, Iran Iran and Kusanagi have also only furthered the band’s
reputation, and so too did last year’s appearance at Oxford’s renowned
Audioscope Festival. By 2017, the band were ready to lay down ideas for
their sophomore EP. After many months of work, the trio put the final
touches to the record in the Spring of 2018. Entitled Geodesics, the EP
features Charlie Cruickshank on saxophone for the song, K-Ursa, and
long-time friend and collaborator, Lee Riley, supplying drone material for
the track, Intermission: Graveyard Orbit.



01 Andromeda Handshake
02 K-Ursa
03 21:15
04 Intermission; Graveyard Orbit
05 End Permian
06 Grand Trine.




Geodesics is a record that displays the breadth of MASIRO’s ability across
six distinct cuts, panning from subtle introspection to ferocious catharsis.
Inventive and expansive, MASIRO have amalgamated a sound that is imaginative
and ambitious. The prog-math combo are announcing key shows throughout the
Summer, so stay glued for social media announcements, and watch them soar.



Chris Pethers – Drums

Chris Hutchinson-Mogg – Bass

Mike Bannard – Guitar / Drones/ Synths.